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Valentin1331 · 56145

Leo & Leo smash 25 Pounds of Steel on enemies Before they Can can even see Them.


Credit: Christine Mitzuk


To celebrate the release of The Forgotten Age Investigator Expansion, here is my new take on our favourite ol' man Leo, using some of the newest cards from The Scarlet Keys and The Edge of the Earth.
A notable achievement is that for the first time, you will be thrilled to draw Relentless.

If you only have the cards from the Repackaged Expansions and Investigator packs, you can easily proxy or replace Haste and Enchant Weapon with 2 copies of Well Prepared (look at the icons of the hammer!) and downgrade Safeguard.
It is also important to know that this deck is not necessarily tailored for a blind run of The Forgotten Age campaign, though it will still deliver. I suggest a few adjustments at the bottom if you decide to take Grand Père on a trip to the jungle.

This series is a celebration of the 20k points on ArkhamDB to thank you all for all the support received.
Click here to see all the previous decks and I will keep releasing a new standalone-ready deck concept every week on Friday, so stay tuned and keep pressing the button if you want to see more!

Let me know which investigators you would like to see next in the comment!

Table of Contents:

  • Overview

  • Main Strategy

  • "He came in like a wreckin' baaaall "

  • How can 25 pounds feel so light?

  • Other Cards

  • Upgrade Path


Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Enemy Management: ★★★★★
Clue-getting: ★★★★☆
Encounter protection: ★★★☆☆
Survivability: ★★★☆☆
Economy: ★★★★★
Card Drawing: ★★★★☆

Main Strategy:

"He came in like a wreckin' baaaall ":

All you do is... wre-e-eck (ene)my!

  • Use the with 9 to overkill anything.

    • Legend says that the designers use this Leo deck to flatten enemies and then place them on the 2D cards that the players use.

    • The massive damage overshoot is collected by Relentless for an insane income. View it like this: if you have to hit twice for a 3hp enemy, then you better use the bigger attack and store 3 resources on Relentless that will later be used on Keen Eye. I once had 20+ resources on Relentless just by cleaning the board.

  • Once you have Enchant Weapon on the hammer, you can either use the big attack for 7 damage and 12 or kill 3hp enemies with a simple hit and 9 .

  • If you have multiple enemies to take down, Keen Eye can boost your for the whole turn, and you can spam the smaller attack like a Hasty whirlwind and deal up to 11 damage without using any event.

"How can 25 pounds feel so light?:

This deck's concept is to add so many actions that the will not feel like wasting your turn anymore.

  • What is better than Leo? 2 Leos, of course. Once the Louisiana Lion from Mississippi is in play (faster and cheaper with Mr. Anderson's ability), you will be able to either move and then perform the attack, or start with the heavy attack and still have another action for a second enemy. If you have Haste, that second attack will even trigger a third one!

    • Once Leo De Luca is out, you can start your turn playing Kicking the Hornet's Nest and then smash whatever you found with the attack for cash, clue, and cash again on Relentless.

    • It is also smart to use Leo De Luca's action to engage enemies potentially engaged with a teammate not to have to call the morgue on an .

    • Later, we will add Guard Dog (2) for the engage.

  • Haste, unfortunately, doesn't work well with the attack as it still counts as one (three-action-costed) action. Still, it adds another action when using the small attack or investigating.

  • Top this up with 3 Honed Instincts and 2 Quick Thinking, and you'll be swinging that Sledgehammer as if it were a Switchblade!

  • These additional actions combine extremely well with Keen Eye's specificity of being expensive but lasting the whole phase. You'll spend some turns collecting more clues than your dedicated clue-getter, making them feel like they're only here to piggyback you around.

  • Safeguard (2) completes the set by saving you tons of move actions, as well as engaging enemies while you are carried by your VIP.

  • When fully set up, the peak performance of this 19xp-friendly deck is:

Other Cards:

  • Lucky Cigarette Case and Glory turn these ridiculous skill values and enemies-purée into faster cycling of your Action Cards.

  • Prepared for the Worst and Enchanted Blade secure that you can defend your team even if the hammers are buried deep.

  • Keen Eye is one of the convenient cards that boost your 2 offensive stats: and , and it synergises extremely well with this deck as the bonus lasts for the whole phase.

    • boost will be useful in turns when you have to deal with several enemies and you want to repeatedly use the simple attack.

    • is perfect for boosting your already decent 3 when all the enemies are cleared off and you want to support the advancement of the game.

    • To pay for Keen Eye, the deck runs really high in resources, coming from multiple sources: Kicking the Hornet's Nest, "Watch this!" that turns into On the Hunt and the often overlooked Relentless. The first copy of Relentless will often pay for Leo De Luca, and the second one can remain on the table until you need it.

  • "You handle this one!" and Savant help you survive, despite your painful knees and chronic arthritis.

    • If you use Keen Eye during the phase when you want to test and add 1 , then your lowest other skill other than agility becomes 4, and Savant gives you 5.
  • Your personal weakness, Bought in Blood, is as easy as it goes. Only play Leo De Luca when you have one copy of Leo De Luca or Mitch Brown in your hand so you can protect the one in play.

Luxury Upgrades:

  • Guard Dog (2) comes in later in the campaign to engage enemies , making sure that you don't wre-e-eck your teammates when you pull the . And trust me, if you don't engage, Chthulu will know and you will.

  • On the Hunt (3) is also a fantastic card to pull out victory point enemies, while making sure that you don't pull a nasty test.

The Forgotten Age:

If going for The Forgotten Age blind run, I would suggest a couple of changes that will make your experience better:

Upgrade Path:

Link to the 0xp deck

 Cost  Total
   In the Thick of It  →  Keen Eye ••• 3 XP 3 XP
   Sledgehammer    Sledgehammer •••• 4 XP 7 XP
   Sledgehammer    Sledgehammer •••• 4 XP 11 XP
   Overpower  →  Savant 1 XP 12 XP
   Overpower  →  Savant 1 XP 13 XP
   Enchanted Blade  →  Enchant Weapon ••• 3 XP 16 XP
   Daring  →  Haste •• 2 XP 18 XP
   Daring  →  Safeguard •• 2 XP 20 XP
   "Watch this!"  →  ☑☑☑ Impulse Control 3 XP 23 XP
    →  Charisma ••• 3 XP 26 XP
   Vicious Blow  →  Guard Dog •• 2 XP 28 XP
Luxury Upgrades 28 XP
   Vicious Blow  →  Guard Dog •• 2 XP 30 XP
    →  Stick to the Plan ••• 6 XP 36 XP
   Prepared for the Worst  →  Ever Vigilant 1 XP 37 XP
    →  Relic Hunter ••• 3 XP 40 XP
   Glory  →  On the Hunt ••• 3 XP 43 XP
   Glory  →  On the Hunt ••• 3 XP 46 XP
   Prepared for the Worst    Prepared for the Worst •• 2 XP 48 XP
   Leo De Luca    Leo De Luca 1 XP 49 XP
   Leo De Luca    Leo De Luca 1 XP 50 XP

(View at arkham-starter.com)

Link to the full xp deck

To create your own guides, find the template I have created here


Feb 17, 2023 mattastrophic · 3031

So what are you planning for when you hit 25K?

Feb 17, 2023 Dreadfish · 1

This guy looks badass! I can't wait to get my hands on tFA.

Feb 17, 2023 filippo21daniele · 184

Really cool deck! What about Riot Whistle for engaging enemies engaged with teammates and aloof?

Feb 18, 2023 Valentin1331 · 56145

@mattastrophic probably release one deck per week for a little while :)

@Dreadfish the box should arrive soon! Let me know once you’ve played it how it goes :)

@filippo21daniele that was a hard choice between the whistle and Lucky Cigarette Case, but the draw is so important for the deck that I decided to sacrifice a few engagé actions here and there, until we get the Guard Dog (2)

Feb 19, 2023 Eruantalon · 104

Yet another inspiring deck here! Reading your content gives me the same kind of vibes I get from blasting some epic metal music, mate. Keep it up!

I tried your Charlie and it was a blast, he easily dominated the game. Alas I paired whim with Jim's deck of my own making, trying to finally get Statue+Scavanging synergy to work and it didn't... One turn short of winning Black Throne.

My wife is a total fun of Leo, and even bigger of Leo+Leo (even our Son's name is Leo xD) so we're pulling it off next week while we're having vacation.

Feb 19, 2023 Valentin1331 · 56145

@Eruantalon happy to know you've loved the Charlie deck!! I also had tons of fun with it. This one is fairly different but somehow kind of hits the same feeling: potent fighting with some powerful investigation turns.

Who are you going to pair this deck with?? Please let me know how it went; I'm super curious to know :)

Oh and I hope I'll keep blasting metal for a little while with what's yet to come!

Feb 19, 2023 ecoboe · 1

Love this deck! Can't wait to try it out.

Currently trying out your Darrell deck, it's so much fun!

Would love to see your take on Luke Robinson. He has become a favourite in my group.

Feb 20, 2023 acotgreave · 783

Love this! Could you imagine building this for a standalone multiplayer and not drawing the Sledgehammer? You'd be very sad! Great deck, as always.

Feb 22, 2023 Wittebaard · 293

Very cool deck (as per usual)! It seems like this deck would function very well with your recent Patrice Hathaway deck. Nice enemy protection through Safeguard/Safeguard (2), On the Hunt and Kicking the Hornet's Nest so she can focus on more clue-getting things and has less need for evasion cards for protection.

Feb 22, 2023 SilverTwilightLodgeJanitor · 7

Awesome deck, I'll try it out asap (probably in Scarlet Keys, in a duo with Rex)! Really, it came just in time, since I haven't played Leo Anderson yet. :-) Could you make a Harvey Walters deck next? He's definitely one of my favourites, scooping up clues with 2 Farsight out is just immensely satisfying. But I'm sure you'd have a more original/outlandish take on him. Anyway, thanks for your inspired decks.

Feb 23, 2023 Achire · 472

Love the action economy in this deck - I've built similar sorts of decks before and have had a blast. Kudos to you for using 'enchant weapon' - it's such an underrated card but I absolutely love it in melee decks. One question - does it feel like you have enough weapons/search to find your hammers reliably? It feels risky, without stick to the plan. Alternatively, one could just throw in a cyclopean hammer, which also works great with Leo.

Feb 25, 2023 Eetami · 1

I don't think you can bank the actions from Honed Instinct and Quick Thinking to be used for another big attack. The wording on those cards implies that you need to spend the action as soon as you gain it. The problem is that you haven't actually gained the extra action from Quick Thinking when you're still resolving the action from Honed Instinct, as you gain it only after the entire skill test (along with Honed Instinct's extra action) is resolved.

Mar 21, 2023 acotgreave · 783

Took this into Read or Die standalone yesterday with || Daisy and Bob Jenkins. Fortunately I drew Sledgehammer and Enchanted Weapon in the opening hand. I never managed to get Relentless into play so didn't quite get everything firing on all cylinders, but, boy, just having that mega-powered weapon around was fun. Great deck!

Apr 06, 2024 rasmus · 1

Upgrade path says you upgrade to 2 x Savant - but I only see 1 in the Deck list?

Apr 08, 2024 Valentin1331 · 56145

@rasmus the reason for this is that the decklist you see is optimised for being used in a Standalone, so with a 19xp (+3 with In the Thick of It) threshold. So I had to make an assessment of how to make the best out of this, and unfortunately, to fit in Impulse Control on Honed Instinct, I had to cut a Savant!

On the other hand, while being purely theoretical (meaning I haven't used it, it should be seen as a suggestion more than anything), the Upgrade Path is here to guide you on how to get the best out of the deck during a campaign :)

I hope this helps with your question!

Apr 09, 2024 rasmus · 1

@Valentin1331 talking about Savant - why chose it over Manual Dexterity (2xp). I guess because Savant is only 1 xp, and that it can get you +4 (if you spend 2 resources on Keen Eye to raise intelligence). On the other hand Manual Dex gives you card draw.

By the way - playing (almost) your build in Edge of the Earth (included 2 x Medical Student and earlier Charisma to get a bit of healing and some cheap cards to counter Bought in Blood). Your reference to "legend" is often being referenced, when and enemy is flattened - plenty of laughter :-)

Apr 09, 2024 Valentin1331 · 56145

@rasmus the reason why I prefered Savant is because it gives you 4 from the get go, and it can go up to 5 if you spend 2 resources to boost your . This is a significant difference to pass the test, because treacheries/scenario tests are often all or nothing (and more rarely Grasping Hands-like).

And so the chance to get value out of Manual Dexterity is lower than getting value out of Savant, also knowing that it is indeed more expensive in xp.

Apr 09, 2024 rasmus · 1

@Valentin1331 oh yes - I missed that it adds to the ? icon it already has! Big difference... thanks for answering ;-)