Daisy - Duality Necronomicon (Deck Guide)

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chirubime · 3485

As the first Seeker in the Arkham Horror LCG lineage, Daisy's iconic weakness Necronomicon encapsulated the Lovecraftian flavor of delving deeper into the promise of power. However, her signature weakness only represented one side of her exploration in the mythos. The mystical allure was never represented thematically until... now.

I introduce you to a Miskatonic army led by our Head Librarian, Daisy dual-wielding two copies of The Necronomicon, Petrus de Dacia's Translation and John Dee's Translation. One gives her insurmountable knowledge and one drives her absolutely insane. You as the investigator will experience the endless battle between the good and the bad for our little librarian's soul.


Clue: 10 | Enemy Mgmt: 7 | Treachery: 7 | Tempo: 10 | Consistency: 10

Boosted Statline: 5 | 7 | 2 | 2

Primary Role: You function as a highly independent cluever, much like most Seekers. You bring clue acceleration via The Necronomicon, Archaic Glyphs, and Deduction. You also boast high and ideal for all forms of parley and persuasion.

Secondary Role: Daisy also brings great support to your team in a multiplayer campaign. Ward of Protection, Old Book of Lore, The Eye of Truth, and Pnakotic Manuscripts provide your team with draw power, action/resource economy, as well as some critical treachery negation.

General Deck Info: I can't stress how consistent and fast this build ramps up. This deck revolves around streamlining Daisy's consistency and expediting her core engine setup without forgoing premium investigation actions during the early turns. Old Book of Lore compresses both a targeted draw and the action required to play the asset. Previously Daisy couldn't get down Whitton Greene / St. Hubert's Key and Old Book of Lore down in 1 turn. Now she can!


The core of the deck only requires 10XP, and you can jump start her tempo as early as 4-7XP into the campaign.

1. 6XP | 2 Old Book of Lore 2 Old Book of Lore

2. 3XP | 1 Archaic Glyphs 1 Archaic Glyphs

3. 1XP | 1 Crack the Case 1 Pathfinder

Adding the Necronomicon recursion package requires another 11XP

4. 5XP | 1 Occult Lexicon 1 The Necronomicon

5. 4XP | 1 Miskatonic Archaeology Funding

6. 2XP | 1 Fine Clothes + 1 Mind over Matter 2 Library Docent


A sample 0 exp campaign starter deck can be found HERE. You will want to prioritize finishing your Archaic Glyph side-quest. Discard Astounding Revelation revelations that you drew for this.


Mulligans can be slightly tricky for this deck. You want to prioritize access to essentially the 4 copies of Old Book of Lore (and the 2 Research Librarian to tutor Lore). You need to kick Astounding Revelation, Assets, and Skill cards from your hand. Assets will be drawn from the deck via Lore, allies will be searched from the deck via Calling in Favors and Lore, and Skill commits will be searched via Practice Makes Perfect. You can consider taking 2 Studious to make your opening hands even more reliable and stronger, although this always runs the risk of stacking your hand with Astounding Revelation.

Primary Engine: Old Book of Lore, Research Librarian

Secondary Engine: Practice Makes Perfect, Calling in Favors


~~ Round One Directive ~~

Play Lore Turn 1, use Daisy's free Tome action to search aggressively for Practice Makes Perfect and Assets such as Pathfinder, Daisy's Tote Bag, St. Hubert's Key, Archaic Glyphs, and Whitton Greene. If you're struggling to find any of these cards, take Knowledge is Power so that you can use it to search again via Lore.

If you don't have Lore in your hand, don't sweat. Research Librarian is amazing! It will thin your deck of an Astounding Revelation while searching for your Lore. Even after playing your Lore and using the free search/play off Lore, you still have 1 more investigation action.

The objective of the early rounds of this deck are to dump all the Astounding Revelations out of your deck using your searchers: Lore/Research Librarian/Whitton Greene/Practice Makes Perfect. The only exception is Calling in Favors. Don't use this card that liberally as we need it to recur secrets on our Necronomicon and Lore.

~~ The Necronomicon (Petrus de Dacia) ~~

From this part forth, we will refer to the LV-5 The Necronomicon (Petrus de Dacia) as Petrus to avoid confusion with Daisy's weakness (John Dee).

The ideal board state is a Lore with 1 secret on the board, Petrus in hand (probably searched via Research Librarian, Whitton Greene, or Lore in a previous turn). Using Lore's search action, find a Library Docent and play it swapping Petrus with the Lore on the board.

Use Library Docent to return Petrus to your hand to recharge it. Use Calling in Favors to return Library Docent to your hand so you can reuse it. Even if Calling in Favors doesn't find any ally, recycling Library Docent gets you back your value. Be careful of hitting a Research Librarian after you've found all of your books already, since it will search out your signature weakness if its the only tome left in the deck.

Save Knowledge is Power to use the 3 damage or discover clue even if Petrus is in hand. Especially when Petrus is in hand, and you encounter an enemy, the Knowledge is Power will save you from taking an attack of opportunity to try to get the Petrus down.

~~ Whitton Greene ~~

The deck only runs 5 targets (4 being assets, and 1 being your weakness). Since this is a reactionary ability, only use this to enable Astounding Revelations, or if you know you can find a tome. Otherwise, you're forced into taking your weakness. Also, use Pathfinder to economize location discovery. Remember that she she has 2 health and gives you stat boosts even if you run out of locations to discover/reveal. Those stats and soak alone already make her a great ally.

~~ Clue Acceleration ~~

Using and upgrading Deduction will produce more clues for Daisy. Use Petrus to discover clues across the map in a pinch as well.

Your main clue accelerator is Archaic Glyphs. Stack Perception and icons on an this card's action to generate extra clues. You can recharge this card using Enraptured and you can also use it without spending secrets via Knowledge is Power.

~~ Quantum Flux ~~

At some point in the game, you'll have flushed your deck of key cards like Ward of Protection, Tomes, Allies, and Astounding Revelation. Quantum Flux helps bypass reshuffling your deck in certain situations where you cannot wait for the deck to run out and you need a key card to be searchable again in your deck. You can even start to commit dead allies, tomes, Astounding Revelations from hand knowing that you are about to Quantum Flux.

Ideally, you will Quantum Flux while you have your signature weakness out. Then immediately after you Quantum Flux, get rid of your signature weakness.

~~ Pnakotic Manuscripts ~~

We want to provide Library Docent with more name changes so that she can swap between different Tomes. Also, this card is somewhat necessary for avoiding the autofail when you are using your Archaic Glyph especially since you're almost certainly going to have your signature weakness in your threat area. This is also very crucial for boss fights for your Guardian and battle Mystics.


  • Practiced Package: Skill cards with the Practiced trait double their effectiveness since you can use them twice with Practice Makes Perfect. Deduction, Perception, The Eye of Truth are all great upgrade options. Often, you will find your Eye of Truth using Practice Makes Perfect during an investigation action, and then keep the Eye of Truth in your hand for a nasty treachery you want to remove from the encounter deck as well as boost everyone's attempts during that test in future encounters.

  • Treachery Negation: Deny Existence, Ward of Protection, Forewarned will help you deal with pesky treacheries. Ward(2) has the advantage of being able to be used to support your teammates. It even synergizes with Library Docent since you can assign 1 horror to Docent before you recall her with Calling in Favors. Another consideration is Logical Reasoning. Since you cycle through your deck so fast, you will seeing your signature weakness a good bit. Logical reasoning just helps recover some health as well as support your team with some Terror removal and healing.

  • Evasion: If you're in a scenario or a team that is really lacking evasion, you can consider Archaic Glyphs and Mind over Matter.

  • Seeker Things: Studious, Higher Education, Deciphered Reality are decent considerations if you're REALLY at a surplus. This build is already quite pricey, so I don't know if you will really find value in those.

  • Backpack + Items: The upgraded Backpack can be a great substitute for Research Librarian. You move your searcher/tutor to a slot Daisy often doesn't use. You can add more tomes and items (like Segments of Onyx) and what not since Backpack is so great and tutoring those while triggering your Astounding Revelation.

  • Milan: The build is pretty pricey. I can't help but suggest that you consider Milan again just to give you the ability to play certain cards from hand, since not everything will be discounted from Lore.

  • Scavenging: You can use Versatile to put in 1 copy of Scavenging, if you favor Minh's Necronomicon recursion style more. If you do end up going that route, consider some extra Magnifying Glasses to push the Necronomicon out of your hand. Also the value of Library Docent decreases in these kinds of builds.

  • Abigail Foreman: You can replace Whitton Greene with Abigail depending on what you fancy. Abigail + Encyclopedia can put your Intellect at 9 for a whole turn making your Archaic Glyphs particularly powerful, it can also give your Mystic fighter or your Guardian fighter +4 in their offensive stat. Abigail + Lore is also great for helping replenish your teammate's hands. Particularly Rogues who have very combo heavy decks that need cards like Double, Double, Lucky Cigarette Case, Chuck Fergus, The Gold Pocket Watch, you can help them dig for it. You rarely need to Abigail + Lore yourself past mid game cuz you're often discarding cards from your hand from the amount you end up drawing from Practice Makes Perfect + Perception, Eureka, and your upkeep draw.

  • Tomes: And lastly, play around with your tome line-up! Docent definitely has some funny combos with a lot of them like De Vermis Mysteriis, etc. Encyclopedia helps everyone do their jobs just that much better (including you and your Archaic Glyphs).


Sep 08, 2020 mrsdoubles · 1

ANOTHER NECRONOMICON BUILD? Your seeker is showing lol!

Sep 08, 2020 bobbyguardian3 · 1

Does this deck work with Mystic Daisy?

Sep 09, 2020 Django · 3486

You can only put secrets on Archaic Glyphs 0 using it's own ability cause it doesn't have Uses (X secrets). So Astounding Revelation or Enraptured do not work (but you can discard them for the gpyphs ability).

Sep 09, 2020 chirubime · 3485

@Django thanks i'll update accordingly. Daisy should still be good given her free tome action even if she has to do it manually.

Sep 09, 2020 Django · 3486

No problem, it's an easy oversight.

I think clue Archaic Glyphs is totally OP, i stopped playing it. With Higher Education and Dr. Milan Christopher it's easy to clear many locations in one attempt (1 clue = 1 ressource). It becomes more ridiculous as you add more secrets to the glyphs. The evade version is also good, but not OP.

I agree that Daisy is very powerful, especially with Old Book of Lore 2. I think they nerfed her too much in the read or die version. All those new tome support cards make her even better, especially Whitton Greene if your deck has enough tomes

Scavenging via Versatile is also great with daisy. Thanks to all her tutoring, she can deal with the increased deck size and reload tomes by discarding them (Magnifying Glass 1) or commit them in a pinch.

Sep 09, 2020 chirubime · 3485

Yeah the Archaic + Milan + St Hubert + Pathfinder with every turn you Encyclo-ing or Lore-ing yourself or your teammates way of playing Daisy is definitely streamlined and just cluevers like nothing else.

The Scavenging + Necronomicon combo are definitely fun. I didn't want to repeat my other deck guide for Minh here, but yeah so many investigators have goofy recursions for it. Sleight of Hand, A Chance Encounter + Library Docent, Scavenging

Oct 10, 2020 Susumu · 127

We have a discussion on BGG, whether Daisy can take Petrus de Dacia version or not: boardgamegeek.com

I think, she can, because cards, that don't count to the deck size also should not count to a "Limit 1 per deck" restriction. Also, ArkhamDB obviously allows building such decks. But there are disagreements, and I'm frankly also not that sure.