Wealthy Wendy Adams

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kingofyates · 14

The goal of this deck is to make every test a resource skill test and to give Wendy enough resources for this to be a viable strategy. It eschews boosts to , , or in favour of resource generation, card draw and icons.

Core Concept

The two key cards for Wendy are her Amulet and Money Talks.

With Wendy's Amulet in play, Money Talks can be played before every skill test as long as it is in her hand or discard pile. Why? Because Money Talks costs 0, is Fast and is the only event card in Wendy's deck.

It is key to accumulate resources as quickly as possible; once she has 10 resources, she will effectively have 5 for all her skills, and she should be able to hit even higher numbers quickly. Towards the end of the scenario, she will have accumulated so many resources that it will become basically impossible for Wendy to fail a test unless you pull two in a row.

Once a round, she can also use Well Connected for an extra boost to a skill test. Each skill card in her deck has icons so that they can be committed to resource tests.

For combat, she will use Knuckleduster and Switchblade; neither card boosts your since that would not be usable in a resource test, but both offer +1 damage.

Setup and Early Game

You will need Wendy's Amulet in play and Money Talks in hand as quickly as possible. To get the Amulet, mulligan in order to get it or Backpack.

If you still can't get those two cards, use Take Heart, Drawing Thin and Pickpocketing to ramp up card draw until you do.

In parallel, you will also need to be amassing resources, which can be obtained by Burglary, Lone Wolf, Investments, Take Heart and Drawing Thin.

Thanks to her high and , Wendy can deal with the Mythos if her setup takes longer than expected. Her is also decent enough to grab a few clues before Money Talks kicks in.

Risk mitigation

Obviously, you are eventually going to draw Abandoned and Alone and this can break everything if you lose your copy of Money Talks. Ideally, you'll have one in the discard and one in hand as a back up, but that's not always going to be the case. You should be ready to return to the "Early Game" strategies if your signature weakness comes out at the wrong time. Once Abandoned and Alone hits your discard pile, you'll want to slow down the card draw as much as possible since you definitely don't want to see it twice.

Knuckleduster adds additional risk of retaliation but Wendy can alternate between it and Switchblade depending on the health of the enemy.

For scenarios that deal a lot of horror, you will need to swap out a copy of Leather Coat for a second Gregory Gry or another horror soak card.

Try to avoid Indebted as a basic weakness ... and Cthulhu help you if Wendy ends up with Paranoia.

Optional cards

A few cards could be swapped out for some replacements, especially if Wendy is going to focus more on investigating. The most obvious cards to remove are Leather Coat, Gregory Gry and Burglary.

If you are using a Taboo list, Drawing Thin and Double or Nothing might also need to come out.


Enemy management

  • Hatchet Man: requires that Wendy evade with
  • Stealth: works with resource tests
  • Track Shoes: increases tempo but probably only playable late in a scenario due to cost


Allies for Wendy are often most useful for horror and damage mitigation. This actually works well since you can hang on until late in the scenario when she has lots of resources to play the ally.

  • Aquinnah: useful for either horror soak or as a combat boost
  • Leo De Luca: always worth considering, but he won't see play early in the scenario because Wendy needs to be amassing resources
  • Peter Sylvestre: consider him for the horror soak
  • Madame Labranche: horror soak and possible card draw



There are no must-have upgrades. A good starting upgrade is Pickpocketing, which gives you needed flexibility during the early-game set up as it can provide resources, card draw or both.

Relic Hunter is also good option since it lets you use accessories alongside Wendy's Amulet. The obvious one to seek out is Key of Ys since Wendy can use the horror soak and skill boost works for resource tests. Otherwise, you might want to add Adaptable so as to bring in some level 0 accessories that you skipped in the initial build, such as Lucky Cigarette Case or Cherished Keepsake.


The two events that are good candidates are Flare and Fortune or Fate since they are both exiled after use, so they won't block Money Talks. Flare could bring in an expensive ally such as Leo De Luca. It's important to only include one copy of Fortune or Fate in your deck since there is a limit to one played per game.

Finally, Versatile to bring in Mr. "Rook" could be a consideration. You would want to do this both to grab those essential cards from your deck and to get Abandoned and Alone out as soon as possible. Of course, taking 5 extra cards probably isn't worth it.



Jul 30, 2020 Django · 2661

The idea seems interesting, but i don't get how you're playing Money Talks again after putting Wendy's Amulet into play. The amulet places events at the bottom in your deck (last card) so it really takes a lot of time to get there. Other decks have done this and i think it's kind of cheesy. Will to Survive is more effective that way, btw.

Aug 06, 2020 Bolaffi Paluani · 1

Me too don't understan how this combo could work after the first test...

Please explain!