Luke: Curses and Gorgons

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Big Iron · 154


This is a high player count flex deck that leverages the cheap, but powerful events available to Luke: Stirring Up Trouble and Gaze of Ouraxsh. I strongly advise you to combo this deck with at least one other investigator who brings along a deck.

I have run this through Return to Carcosa with Amanda Sharpe and Nathaniel Cho as my teammates. At level 0 I was looking for the most difficult to investigate locations and snatching the clues with my events, and killing weaker enemies that are below the fighter's radar. Another way to be very helpful is to spread gates around and Shortcut people in need.

NOTE: The deck is XP hungry, so try not finish scenarios without delving twice. Being Luke, you should be completely safe even when everyone else has resigned.



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The order is kind of rigid, but you can prioritize.


  1. Sixth Sense
  2. Ward of Protection
  3. Ward of Protection
  4. Deny Existence
  5. Deny Existence
  6. Mind Wipe, Recharge or Shrivelling if you decided to stick with it
  7. Mind Wipe, Recharge or Shrivelling (5) if you decided to stick with it
  8. (Side Story) Whatever's left of the above three



  • 4XP: 2x Manipulate Destiny: Mini-Gaze, a better spell for under Dayana.
  • 4XP: 2x Counterspell: Your team will love you when you show up from a connecting location to stop an from ruining things.
  • 4XP: 2x Truth from Fiction: Fill yer Dayana up.
  • 3XP: Pathfinder: A bit hard to justify when you have resource problems. If you've found a way around that problem, get this.
  • 1-2XP: Mind Wipe: Great tech for certain scenarios (and player weaknesses).
  • 3-7XP: Relic Hunter + Crystal Pendulum or Shining Trapezohedron: if you feel you need it, or even more discounts.
  • 4XP: 2x Recharge: Fill yer Gate Box up.
  • 3-6XP: Scroll of Secrets: An unnecessary card really, but we're running out of things to buy. One extra secret, plus you get to look at the top card instead to discard upcoming weaknesses.



Keep Hawk-Eye Folding Camera, Scroll of Secrets, Sixth Sense (4), Crystal Pendulum, Jewel of Aureolus, Robes of Endless Night, Deep Knowledge, Word of Command. You need your draw engine, don't be afraid to go over hand size and just toss unneeded cards. Then, start assembling Olive McBride, Dayana Esperence, Gaze of Ouraxsh, Stirring Up Trouble.


You are the flex role in your team, so you help out wherever you are needed. Always look for places to toss your Gates. If the fighter's overwhelmed, start casting some Spectral Razors or Gazes their way. If clues are needed, your humble Sixth Sense will get you there.

MAIN MURDER COMBO: Or, if you end up with way too many enemies at the same time, get to the location with the highest shroud and Stir Up Trouble. Then, get your Favor of the Moon out, drop the Nuke of Ouraxsh and spin Olive McBride along with the Moon. Having Gate Box, you can use any of these events remotely as necessary, so it's not as convoluted as it seems.

THE PURPOSE OF OLIVE: She's not here just to get you extra for Gaze; she helps with Sixth Sense as even if you draw two unwanted tokens you should still be able to succeed at a lower printed shroud. But in my experience, when the bag always has 5+ curses, your Blasphemous Covenant + a regular old token combined will make sure you don't fail. She does make it harder to trigger Pendulum though, so save that for non-Olive tests.

ALWAYS: Look out for your team with well placed Open Gate, Shortcut, Mind Wipe.

DAYANA ESPERENCE:It's not a good idea to put Gaze of Ouraxsh under her except maybe in the final, big boss scenario. I usually prefer Counterspell, Deny Existence, Manipulate Destiny, Mind Wipe.


Jan 08, 2021 NarkasisBroon · 1

All in all an interesting looking deck. Could throw into your "Further Upgrades" section the new Curse of Aeons for use with Sixth Sense. Curse, Favor, and Olive ought to all but guarantee 2 clues when needed

Jan 09, 2021 11zxcvb11 · 3

very interesting deck. i'll give it a try, though i'll probably leave in the mystic clue events and add 'rite of seeking' since i need him to be a full cluever in two player.

Jan 09, 2021 Big Iron · 154

@NarkasisBroonI was considering that card but could never think of a slot to spare for it. I guess you could drop Jewel of Aureolus or not bother getting Mind Wipes at all. Or of course the gates. I just value them so highly because I was in Carcosa.

@11zxcvb11This deck loses its mass nuke potentinal in 2P because there will not be enough enemies out; so I think greedy cards like Manipulate Destiny and Olive McBride will give you less value there; I suggest not bothering with them! Maybe an initiate instead. I'd also return to a shrivel/armageddon.

Thanks for the compliments!

Jan 09, 2021 11zxcvb11 · 3

@Big Iron thanks for the advice. i'm thinking of pairing Luke with a big gun Anderson running False Covenant, Faustian Bargain and maybe Priest of Two Faiths. we'll see how that turn out :)