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SGPrometheus · 418

Tony and Chuck, BFsF

As the strongest Guardian in the game, Tony Morgan is in a unique position to abuse the new fight events made available by Nathaniel Cho. With a base equal to Mark Harrigan and a free fight action at least six times per scenario, cards like Clean Them Out and Monster Slayer can be used reliably as your "free" action, creating really ludicrous value for cards that are already quite strong.

More impressively, Tony has access to Rogue cards for some reason, giving him access to Lonnie Ritter to boost his even further, and Leo De Luca, the best ally in the game (I'm being a little tongue-in-cheek here, but that might actually be true). The real reason this is important though is his access to Chuck Fergus, the lvl 5 Rogue card introduced with Winifred Habbamock.

Put simply, I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that Chuck breaks these cards for Tony. When you look at cards like "Get over here!" or One-Two Punch, their power is clearly mitigated by taking an action and costing a significant amount of resources, especially for a resource-hungry Guardian like Tony. Charlie here simply removes those mitigations, once per turn, allowing you to take all three actions that you'd get from "Get over here!" for literally nothing. He's worth the action economy from Leo De Luca, plus either a 2-resource discount (if the event is not free) or an accuracy boost (if the event is free, or if you're rolling in cash). That is the reason I put together this deck.

Card Choices

The basic idea of the deck is to perform your typical Guardian role, snuffing out enemies and allowing the Seeker to do their thing. I focused pretty heavily on monster-hunting for the deck, mostly because those events are Tactics, and will therefore be targets for Chuck's ability. Let's go over these in general.


As a level 0 Guardian deck, you have your typical suite of guns, intended to create a saturation of weaponry that won't leave you more than one or two draws from a weapon when you need one. These weapons provide consistent extra damage, which is why I chose them over less accurate options such as Switchblade and Knuckleduster. Those are fine options if you're worried about running dry on ammo at some point during the scenario.

I ended up going with Decorated Skull instead of Lucky Cigarette Case for two reasons: First, it feeds into the deck's "only fight monsters" play pattern, since there being no monsters can give you an action to use the skull, unlike the case which doesn't use actions. Second, the skull provides resources, which the case does not. Ultimately this deck wants to be playing events, even after Chuck makes one cheaper, and that gets expensive.

As for the allies, Leo De Luca is a powerful ally for any Guardian, and doubles down on the whole "take more actions to kill enemies" thing. Lonnie is a good alternative to Beat Cop even though we can't use her ability. I didn't want to make room for Leather Jacket since I'd have to cut some events, but it does open her utility up and give us pretty good soak. Your call.


These are the bread-and-butter of the deck, and really allow you to carve your way through monsters with some really efficient, slick new cards. Every single event here is a Tactic or Trick except for Calling in Favors and, tragically, Monster Slayer. What this means is that they will all benefit from Chuck Fergus, allowing you to play half the cards in your deck fast and/or free. Calling in Favors exists to find Chuck, but is also useful for swapping Leo for Lonnie or vice versa, depending on what you need. While Monster Slayer can't benefit from Chuck, note that it can still benefit from your extra fight action as it does contain the bold Fight designator.

While these events are pretty myopically focused, there are plenty of options under the Tactic and Trick umbrella that give you a little more versatility. For instance, Interrogate stands out as a Tactic that can nab you clues from high shroud locations, while First Watch and On the Hunt allow you some manipulation of the encounter deck.

Hmm, what's this? Oh, it looks like "Let God sort them out..." is in the decklist, but isn't that card bad? Let's take a look at it.

Well well, upon closer inspection, it appears that "Let God sort them out..." is in fact a tactic card! What a surprise! This means we can use Chuck to play it fast, giving us a four-action turn to off six health's worth of baddies, making it much easier to play! Additionally, since the deck practically requires 10xp to get off the ground, we'll need all the free xp we can get.

The Skills don't get their own section; it's basic stuff: "Watch this!" for more economy, Daring 'cause I like it, Quick Thinking for even more fight actions, and Vicious Blow for better damage on bosses.


Chuck Fergus: Your first five xp go toward Chucky here. Saving up between the first two scenarios will almost assuredly be worth it, as he is the lynchpin that creates this whirlwind of fight events. What to take out?

  1. Leo De Luca: The most obvious choice is to swap out one action-efficiency card for a better one. However, if we're planning on eventually buying Charisma, we'd like it to be more likely to draw both these guys, for a cool 6-action turn every round. Eat that, Ace in the Hole.
  2. Daring: It's not doing too much for the deck, but it does give us a chance to evade sometimes and replace itself, which is why I like it. Plus it makes it easier to hit bosses with Clean Them Out or Monster Slayer.
  3. "Watch this!": Similar to Daring, but Chuck overlaps with even more of this card's effect: increased accuracy and economy. The best argument for not removing it is because we want to use it with Chuck, but we do have to remove something.
  4. Oh sure, I mean, you could take out an event, if you wanted to be a quitter: Calling in Favors was just there to find Chuck anyway, so you could argue to remove it; "Let God sort them out..." is a totally janky, greedy weirdo, so you could argue for the loss of one copy, I guess.
    Pfft. Quitter.

Charisma: Wouldn't it be great to have Chuck Fergus AND Leo De Luca or Lonnie Ritter out? Wouldn't it??

Beretta M1918: This or the Chicago Typewriter will do as your boss-killer weapons after you've purchased Chuck. Take the Derringers out if you want to upgrade the Mauser, or take the Mauser out if you want the upgraded Derringer. I personally prefer the Thompson, since an auto-fail doesn't shut it down for the rest of a turn.

Swift Reload: As another Tactic event, Chuck can make this cheaper, although it's already fast and doesn't require a skill test, so it's not the best target for him. Aside from that, this is pretty high up on the upgrade list due to its utility and simplicity. Reloading your guns exactly when you need to is important for the group's fighter, and this is generally cheaper than playing another gun over your old one.

Cheap Shot (2): The original Cheap Shot is a great way to evade an enemy when you're in a tight spot; the upgrade can bounce back to your hand every turn, keeping large enemies tapped down. With Chuck, naturally, it gets faster or cheaper or easier to pull off. Very useful.

Charon's Obol: Why not be greedy? Why not be so greedy, in fact, that it costs you your very life? You need the extra XP from this to afford all your goodies, so why not?


These are things that combo quite nicely with the deck, but their expense makes them hard to justify before anything else.

Haste: This is another terrific card for just taking as many actions as you can. Once set up, it's really funny to just punch enemies a million times in one turn. It's also good for moving three times and still having actions to help out with, if you get separated from your friends.

Double, Double: Expensive, but insane, even though we don't abuse it as fully as we could. The events we have in this deck are very very good, and most benefit from being played a second time. Note that Swift Reload will not double your ammo, since the second play is targeting a gun that the first already loaded.

Tristan Botley/Delilah O'Rourke: Either of these are good replacements for Lonnie Ritter, although you won't be able to play Tristan without altering the deck considerably. Tristan's use goes up if you expect to be using your Books to help with investigation.

Decorated Skull: Very good action compression, this is an incredible upgrade over the level 0 version. Tons of resources and cards, and for doing your job to boot.


In summary I built this deck to take a million actions and punch as many bad guys in one turn as possible. With a full setup, it does that and then some. It saves a lot of ammunition with the fight events, so you can usually find Swift Reload or a second gun before you run out of bullets. It also finishes off odd-health enemies pretty consistently with the extra fight actions it gets.

In fact, it does its job a little too well. In a two-player group, you might want to swap out some of the aggressive cards for events that find you clues or something. With more players there will be more monsters, and you might even be able to take them all single-handedly.

I enjoyed this deck a lot when I took it through Return to the Forgotten Age. I chose that campaign specifically because I knew I would need a lot of experience, and after the first scenario I was able to purchase a single copy of Chuck and the Obol.

If that sounds fun to you, give it a go. Thanks for reading!

A Note
Turns out Arkhamdb uses Markdown formatting; who knew? Anyway, if you want to know how I formatted this description, I mostly referred to this cheatsheet I found online: https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/wiki/Markdown-Cheatsheet.


Jan 26, 2021 zozo · 2191

I started reading this thinking 'haha, good joke, heard this one before but it makes me chuckle' and then found I was reading all the way to the end nodding heartily and delighting in what you've put together here. I feel like you really captured one of the things I've loved about playing Tony: one action turns into three turns into six in the blink of an eye as he goes ultra. I'm glad derringer ii got a little mention, because Tony more or less reliably triggers that extra action so often! Other than that, just wanted to say thanks for a great write-up!

Feb 11, 2021 SGPrometheus · 418

@zozo Yeah, I find the best way to sell the joke is to fully commit to it; glad you liked it!

Feb 12, 2021 cjtightpant · 1

Nice deck!

One quick thing, you Lonnie has to have something to fix in order to heal horror.

See arkhamdb.com

Feb 24, 2021 suika · 7361

You forgot Inspiring Presence for the ability to Chuck twice a turn!

Feb 24, 2021 SGPrometheus · 418

@cjtightpantFixed, thanks! Don't want to mislead folks.

@suikaI like the idea, but we're already capped at 10 Guardian Events/Skills; where would you find space for it?