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chirubime · 3479


Clue: 9 | Enemy Mgmt: 7 | Treachery: 4 | Tempo: 8 | Consistency: 8

This deck revolves around pushing actionless, testless clue-gathering methods available to Trish while maximizing her role as a dual cluever and evader. Because of Trish's potent investigator ability, she converts a fast free clue (like Working a Hunch) into a fast free evade if necessary or an additional clue. This was tested on Standard difficulty, but because of the testless nature of a lot these cards, you can certainly scale the difficulty up and find success with the deck.

I have a preference for highly specialized investigators, so the deck runs no combat options and very little treachery protection. Often you will learn to suck it up and tank through treacheries. That being said, she pairs incredibly well with fighters (Zoey, Mark, Akachi), tanks (Tommy, Leo, Carolyn), and treachery negaters (Calvin, Diana, Carolyn).

I have left out cards that have to do with the blessed/cursed token mechanics because I do not know how to gauge them pre-Innsmouth, so feel free to adjust this deck with those options. From what I've gathered so far, Seekers and Rogues both welcome cursed tokens so Trish has a very well-aligned cardpool. I would be very interested to see how Trish decks evolve once more support comes out, but for now, this is my attempt to do Trish some justice.


I've linked a template for the 0 Exp Campaign Starter deck.

  • Evasion - Because you have less access to testless clues, we do run more evasion-enabling cards like Slip Away and Manual Dexterity to help you with enemy management.

  • Treacheries - The treachery negaters are "You handle this one!" which can be upgraded into Forewarned. Forewarned has decent synergy since you pick clues back up so quickly. Also, I don't bother playing any Willpower boosts because it feels like a really big waste of resources to even try to pass those tests. We do run 1 Logical Reasoning to deal with Frozen in Fear as well as heal back some horror if it is really bad.


Pendant of the Queen - Being a Rogue, off-class Seeker, Trish has both the economy and consistency to make Pendant of the Queen work. This is the bread and butter of the deck. To find Segment of Onyx, use Mr. "Rook" as well as Backpack. Backpack(2) searches 12 cards in your deck and pulls out 3 items. Especially later into the game, Backpack(2) while you have 9 cards in your deck, let you immediately recur your 2nd and 3rd Pendant of the Queen. Because the free clue discover can be used at any location, you can use Pendant to discover a clue across the map where your teammates are struggling with an enemy, and either help them clear the clues from that location, or automatically evade that enemy. Also, Pendant's auto-evade makes your Shadow Agents harmless. Note: There are player windows in the Enemy Phase you can use to trigger Pendant since Trish's ability isn't limited to the investigator phase. However, the enemy will immediately unexhausted during the upkeep phase meaning, you would have only gotten a clue and essentially given an investigator a Dodge.

Shroud Manipulation - The Skeleton Key is amazing for Trish in 3p/4p multiplayer games. Not only does it help your teammates investigate a location faster, but it also has incredible synergy with Lola Santiago and Cryptographic Cypher. Because The Skeleton Key will always set the location's base shroud to 1, you can often fork out 1 resource to trigger Lola's ability to discover a clue (which, as our mantra states, gives us another free clue, or a testless evasion.) You can also use the fast investigate action on Cypher without increasing the shroud. Although, this isn't technically a testless clue, it comes pretty close when Trish has 2 Magnifying Glass in hand with a 6 to 1 Shroud.

Contingency Plan - It may be a little controversial to run only 1 Working a Hunch. You are certainly free to take 2 copies, but with Pendant, Lola, and Cypher, I found that running 1 Working a Hunch was enough for me. I was also very conservative with this card since it is your backup testless evade/clue. Use it wisely.


Rook & Shadow Agents - It is advantageous to pull Shadow Agents early from the deck with Rook before the board overwhelms you with multiple enemies to evade. The very best time to use Rook is during the first player window of an investigation skill test. If you draw Shadow Agents during the skill test, since the skill test already started, Shadow Agents misses the timing to make an attack of opportunity. If you can successfully discover a clue during that investigation, the Shadow Agents will also be discarded.

Lola's Crypto Cypher - If you do not have Skeleton Key out, you can use Lola's clue trigger during an investigation skill test initiated using the Cypher's ability. The shroud during the skill test will be reduced by -2 which allows Lola to discover a free clue at a discount.

"I'll Hold Them Off!" - Trish's signature event In the Shadows is very interesting to use. Often it can get you out of a sticky situation. Ironically, it gives you a chance to step out of the shadows and into the limelight by buying your teammates a whole turn to rush an objective. Because In The Shadows only prevents all enemies from engaging you, you can draw Hunter enemies with no specific prey away from your teammates.

You can also scoop all of the enemies up, use Pendant of the Queen to teleport you to the farthest revealed location from your teammates, and drop them off at the daycare. Then, you can disengage with In the Shadows and then leave the location for cigarettes and never come back. If you don't have the actions left, simply sit there and use Pendant to teleport you to the Resign in the next turn.


There are a lot of expensive assets in this build. You will need to push the economy of Rogues to help keep this deck going:

  • Burning the Midnight Oil - I prefer this card to Crack the Case because of the anti-synergy with Skeleton Key. You can always play around Skeleton Key, but I feel like you're working extra hard in that case. Plus, I value the upfront resources to get your engines set up.

  • Astounding Revelation - So iconic. Great deck thinner, gives you resources. Note that it can be used to recharge Cypher and Rook if you need it.

  • Another Day, Another Dollar - Again, early resources help the deck out a lot.

  • Lone Wolf - Easy to find with Rook. Because you are so slippery and have so much evasion, you can venture off on your own contrary to a lot of more purist Cluevers. Lone Wolf will keep you topped off for the 1 resource you spent with Lola while Skeleton Key is in play.

  • Easy Mark - Deck thinners, and cheap on exp, they work well when played together. You can definitely hold this till later in the game when you need that resource second wind. Also, if you're trying to piece together your 2nd/3rd/etc Pendant, it helps draw through your deck for the Segments.

  • Hot Streak - Pretty straightforward, has the benefit compared to Easy Mark of being 1 single card that Rook can find whenever you're having economy issues.


More Economy & Events - Double, Double is a decent card to build around for Trish. It is extremely expensive, but with Rook, you have a very easy time finding the card and uses an uncontested Arcane slot. It can push your Burning the Midnight Oil, Hot Streak, and Working a Hunch to be even better. It also makes playing single Easy Mark more desirable. I would consider playing more cards like Followed, Eavesdrop, Intel Report, Pilfer, and Seeking Answers if you were to opt for that sort of build.

Side-Boys & Side-Girls - Dr. Milan Christopher is a great ally to counterbalance spenders like Lola. You can run another Charisma in conjunction with Milan or simply replace Rook with it after you've expended him. Delilah O'Rourke is another decent consideration because you exhaust enemies so frequently, you can ping down smaller enemies. Dr. William T. Maleson drops one of your clues at your location to give you a chance to reroll an encounter. Art Student is a cheap soak who can give you a testless clue. She's best used to help evade an enemy engaged with someone else though.

Speed Run - In my TCU playthrough with this deck, I ended up with The Gold Pocket Watch. It is very easy to juggle with Pendant since you can finish using all charges of the Pendant, and free up that accessory slot. Also, very easy to search with Backpack(2). I found that the answer to dealing with treacheries with Trish is often to just outpace the encounter deck. Getting 2 Investigation Phases really helps with that.

Be More Skillful - I kept the Deduction, and Manual Dexterity upgrades out of the experience curve, but those are always good upgrades. Double or Nothing only doubles Skeleton Key locations to 2 shroud if I can remember correctly.

Last Breath - If you end up really missing the Logical Reasoning we eventually drop out of our deck, you can put in a Cheat Death to help you stay alive. Suggestion works reasonably as 3 dodges, while Obfuscation let's you investigate without attacks of opportunity, and Lonnie Ritter with Leather Jacket may give you enough soak before you feel the heat.

Item Synergy - Backpack(2) works so well with Segment of Onyx, Magnifying Glass, Cryptographic Cypher, The Skeleton Key, and allow more item tutors so you can always put in more items that you fancy (like Lockpicks). I found Lockpick to be a little too expensive and pretty unnecessary with Skeleton Key. You can definitely go a more traditionalist route and favor those cards. Another good card to consider is Liquid Courage. You can keep your horror low if you find yourself struggling with that. Another consideration is Sleight of Hand depending on whether you play taboo or not to extend your 2nd Backpack's usage. You can add it using Adaptable.

More Action Compressions - Pathfinder is always a great upgrade if you can fit it into your deck. Haste is also a reasonable upgrade because you will be doing a lot of investigating. Fingerprint Kit is a little pricey, but reaps 3 extra clues.

There is definitely a lot of flexibility when it comes to balancing Trish's core fast clues and treachery/enemy management. Play around with whatever makes you happy. I hope you enjoyed my build and find some inspiration for your builds. See you in Innsmouth! :D


Oct 01, 2020 homeuraa · 1

I'm drawing inspiration from the cycling Mandy deck I saw on here: what are your thoughts on running Dream enhancing serum, practice makes perfect, 3 aces, occult lexicon?

Oct 01, 2020 chirubime · 3479

@homeuraa I think Trish's goals are a little different from Mandy's. I believe Cuherdir's Mandy deck pushes cycling because it wants to see multiple Sleight of Hands on Necronomicon, using Quick Thinking and Double or Nothing in conjunction with 3 aces to push for generating economy and actions. You can certainly play a more draw-octane based Trish like that. You would probably drop the Skeleton Key / Lola package and focus solely on maximizing recurring Pendant in that build.

Definitely, something you should try. I mean with new investigators, comes new ways to try to play the game, so I did want to try to find a Trish build that has some identity to it that isn't a repurposed Mandy deck.

Oct 01, 2020 Rohanna · 5

The Cypher card is so interesting...

Are you sure that Skeleton Key works with it?

Oct 01, 2020 eapfel · 2

Pretty sure it doesn't work the way he thinks. The Skeleton Key would change the shroud to 1, then Cryptographic Cypher would add 1. Still a 2 shroud should be pretty easy for Trish.

Oct 01, 2020 Zinthos · 1

re:@eapfel, @Rohanna, the Skeleton Key works with Cryptographic Cypher. From the Key's FAQ: 'If an effect "sets" the value of a statistic, that overrides all other modifiers... It is worth noting that this answer would be different if it set its "base" value – the "base" value of something is the value before modifiers are applied, so that would allow it to be modified afterward. But here Skeleton Key sets its value to 1, AKA the total value after all modifications.'

Oct 01, 2020 eapfel · 2

@Zinthoswell isn't that something! It sure isn't intuitive, but I'll take it!

Oct 01, 2020 chirubime · 3479

Yes! Basically Cypher is a free investigate action using the fast trigger to avoid attacks to opportunity and potentially evade an enemy for free in the process.

Cypher works like obscuring fog and flashlight and do not "set" the base value like skeleton key does. As a result, both options from cypher investigate at a shroud of 1 when skeleton key is attached to said location.

Oct 01, 2020 KingsGambit · 11

Some very clever ideas here. It's interesting to see an off-class seeker effectively play as a seeker but with the best of rogue to supplement it. I'm not convinced by Skeleton Key, but there are some cool synergies.

Oct 01, 2020 CEBOLLITA · 1

@chirubime i'm sorry but your deck is a very bad builded, your tips are around of a very bad deck. Let me recommed you to play the Game first. And if you have already played, let me say that you dont know how play well. Where are the 2x cards? Sure you're the classic player that play 1x cards and when success the scenario say: UOHH! I'm a the best deckbuilder!! Blind men... ;)

Oct 02, 2020 DigitalAgeHermit · 11

@CEBOLLITAThat seems a bit uncalled for.

@chirubimethanks for the cool deck (with description). Like @KingsGambit, I'm a bit unconvinced by The Skeleton Key in Trish, mostly because picking the key up and playing it on a new location feels pretty slow for a deck that wants to go really fast. Do you often use it on more than one location in a game, or just save it up to make a high shroud location easy?

Oct 02, 2020 chirubime · 3479

@DigitalAgeHermit I think it depends on your play group's size. I play often with 3p or 4p. I would absolutely not play Skeleton Key in a 2p game because the amount of time you spend on each location is so brief. and... this is already a very specialized way to play Trish that cannot sustain solo play.

The Skeleton Key works much better when you're bringing investigators with 3 Intellect with another primary function like Diana, Tommy, Roland, Jim, who can benefit from grouping with you and investigating the same location together. Because you keep your enemies evaded, it also frees up a lot of actions and time required to deal with enemies, which makes up for Key that requiring a little more setup.

That being said, Trish has a lot of Rogue and Seeker action compression such as Lola, Pendant, Cypher so I don't feel terrible about picking up Skeleton Key. In most of my scenarios, I didn't pick up the key more than 2-3 times. I saved it for very crucial locations for sure and relied on Pendant for the other situations. Maybe Pendant is just so good that it was carrying a slightly inefficient Skeleton Key.

There are also ways to really push Skeleton Key to be better, if you ran 1 Lockpick, Haste, Pathfinder and Key, you can Lift Key, Pathfinder to a connecting location, Place Key, use Haste's mimiced on Lockpick or something.

I hope you'll try it in a larger playgroup and see if Skeleton Key is worth playing. Tbh, I steered away from the Key in all my other cluever decks, but it felt pretty rewarding to play going into campaigns/scenarios you've played before and can play around.

Oct 02, 2020 chirubime · 3479

@DigitalAgeHermit I realize my response may not have been sufficient in providing good alternatives for 2p Trish plays.

A lot of the Lola discounted clue tricks were originally done with Flashlight. If you were in a 2p game, I think subbing out Skeleton Key for a few Flashlights with some added Sleight of Hands could also work really well. That deck would probably need to play Obfuscation because you'd not end up using Lola until you started an investigation which would trigger attacks of opportunity.

Oct 02, 2020 DigitalAgeHermit · 11

@chirubime You make a pretty compelling argument for it; I haven't had a chance to play high player count in a while (for obvious reasons), but I'll give it a shot the next time I get a chance

Oct 03, 2020 Death by Chocolate · 730

@homeuraa Check out my Trish Scarborough that I just posted for an answer to your question about a cycling Trish. We've been running one through RtPTC and she is INSANE.

@chirubime Even if you aren't going for cycling, it seems almost criminal to be running Deduction and Perception without Practice Makes Perfect!

Oct 03, 2020 chirubime · 3479

@Death by Chocolate They are indeed in the lvl 0 version of the deck. Not that I don't value cycling and card draw and reusing them, but i simply valued always being able to trigger Lola (and thus more economy cards) for my team's configuration. They were more flex investigators who could investigate a decent bit, but needed me to be the primary evader so I leaned into that. Feel free to keep Practice Makes Perfect instead of Burning the Midnight Oil when upgrading i guess

Oct 03, 2020 KARDSomin · 1

I'm going to try a deck that incorporates both of the ideas of the front page decks.

Oct 03, 2020 josephmeleca · 1

Stop fucking building decks. Even if they are good decks, stop fucking spamming them.

Oct 05, 2020 Death by Chocolate · 730

@josephmelecaThat's certainly a hot-take. Seven (highly popular) decklists is hardly 'spamming'. And it isn't like they're just adding decks to the repository. chirubime puts a lot of clear thought and explanation into both the card choices and deck piloting. Your toxicity isn't wanted here.

Oct 06, 2020 Zinthos · 1

@chirubimeJudging from the likes on this decklist, many people enjoy your decks and writeups. Please don’t let negativity in the comments deter you from contributing. I’m looking forward to taking your Trish tech into my next campaign.

Oct 06, 2020 chirubime · 3479

Thank you for the kind words @Zinthos @Death by Chocolate @DigitalAgeHermit ! I'm not bothered and I really hope everyone tries to just draw inspiration from each other. Trish has so much diversity and flexibility when it comes to her cardpool. This build could honestly get a little dull because your objectives are so linear.

If you're upset with the decks, don't feel like they are the law, just think of them as jumping off points and maybe you wouldn't feel so harshly towards them@josephmeleca @CEBOLLITA

Oct 06, 2020 DigitalAgeHermit · 11

Constructive criticism would be one thing, but toxic comments like that can get to people and could discourage people from publishing their decks in the future.

It's clear a lot of time and thought go into these write ups. Decklists like these with thorough explanations of why specific choices are made for a deck make a big difference to the community and demonstrate the thought process to those looking to learn to build their own decks. I'm glad you publish them and hope you continue to do so :D

Oct 06, 2020 Death by Chocolate · 730

I do have a few words to also add about @CEBOLLITApoint about 1x cards in a decklist. It is easy to assume that if a card is worth including in your deck, it is worth including twice, and there is certainly an evolution of understanding deckbuilding where a player comes in to the game without that realization, and eventually it 'clicks' (or the community convinces them), but as you continue to play, you will eventually realize that there are exceptions.

If you absolutely NEED to draw a card for your deck to function, then yes, include 2 copies, even if they can't both be in play (such as unique cards, or 'limit 1 in play'). If a card is good no matter how many times you draw it (such as many skills or efficient events), then yes, include 2 copies.

However, some cards are not essential for deck functionality, but are still good to draw once, (such as solid, but not critical assets, and highly conditional events) however drawing a second copy is always going to be a dead card in hand, then you are probably better running two different 1x cards that you're happy to see once and can live without seeing, than 2 copies of that one card.

This is further compounded if your deck has very strong search or draw, so the reliability of hitting your 1x cards (if needed) or eschewing them (if not) is much higher. With Mr. "Rook", that is very much the case in this deck.

Oct 09, 2020 CeeTee2001 · 9

@josephmeleca Lol. Are you for real? Since when is it bad with a lot of decks? Especially decks with awesome write ups!

Oct 09, 2020 Rancord · 1126

Why Cipher over Flashlight, if you not gonna use the fast action?

Oct 09, 2020 eapfel · 2

@RancordWhat gives you the idea the fast action of the Cypher isn't being used? One of the points of this deck is the interaction between the Cypher and the Skeleton Key.

Oct 16, 2020 chirubime · 3479

Rook taboo is pretty rough on this deck, Segment is still a must even with 4 exp. You can easily earn extra exp with Charons. Rely on Whitton Greene(2) and Backpack(2) to find your Relic/Items and this deck should still manage. Gl!

Oct 17, 2020 Telemanus · 13

Any suggestions what to swap out Mr. Rook with?

Oct 18, 2020 chirubime · 3479

Losing Rook means that Shadow Agents can't be played around via Rook. Replace Rook and Astounding Revelation with Whitton Greene(2), Eureka, and Obfuscation.

Nov 09, 2020 chirubime · 3479

Get this card in the Lvl 0 version of the deck!!!! Breaking and Entering

Feb 08, 2021 andresd6 · 1

@chirubimethank you for your great decks. If I decide not to adhere to the taboo list, are there any changes that would make this deck a real blast? I'm thinking #Elusive, #Quick thinking...