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StartWithTheName · 20013



This is a deck ive been working up for a while and hope to take through dream eaters with my main group shortly. Its mainly been tested in various two handed pairings vs the first 2 scs of TCU hard mode, but its also had a couple of standard mode runs against Waking Nightmare. Im happy to confirm its a ton of fun to play and thankfully doenst break the game mechanically making an NPE in the way i was worried Luke would.

Ive not really found time to flesh out the upgrade path so things get a little speculative there. I just wanted to get it out as we're due a new pack soon so I wanted to publish while its card pool is at least a little in vogue. I can see Mr. "Rook" and/or Astounding Revelation going on the taboo list so try them while theyre hot!. On the other hand this gives people more room to experiment for themselves and the twin campaign format for dream eaters means that the first and second scs are are basically half of the campaign and by the time we hit that point in the release schedule there will be a lot more cards around. If you want to play around a bit, the best flex slots are Eureka! and Quantum Flux. These have been various different skill cards in various different iterations of the deck. I quite like Defiance to give you a little more confidence in using Rite of Seeking mid turn or Inquiring Mind/Unexpected Courage for flexibility.

1 Han(d) Solo? - Ive also not tried it true solo so i was reluctant to give it the tag as people often ask. It performs very well when you go off on your own at least. I imagine a second Sixth Sense over a Rite of Seeking would help and then essentially reverse the Rite > sixth advice throughout the guide. More than happy to hear thoughts from those with more solo experience.

Finally, ive added a few extra "metrics" to my usual deck publishing format at the start of the TL:DR. I would be very interested to hear if people find these helpful or just more length.




  • CLUEING: ....................... Good.
  • ENEMY HANDLING: ...... Moderate + Burst damage, gate to "evade"
  • ENCOUNTER PROT: ...... Strong.
  • DRAW CONSISTENCY: .. High, tutor driven
  • CASH ENGINE: ............... High, but needed with xp


  • ROLE: ............................. Location camping cluer
  • COMPLEXITY: ................ Moderate, rewards practice.
  • JANK FACTOR: ............... Cheeky but fun.
  • THEMATIC FEEL: ........... Only in a trippy sense...


A quick set up Luke deck combining fast actions, plenty of willpower and action compression to provide high action efficiency and reliable test passing with the addition of some handy Luke shenanigans to keep life fun.

A Rook and Calling in Favors driven research engine provides sizable passive income and tutoring to find spells, passive boost, or other supports at of need. Its core uses fairly standard mystic tools (Shriv/Storm of Spirits for damage, Rite/Sixth Sense or Drawn to the Flame for clues) but with much more consistent setup. We then add some toys to shake up the playstyle a little and do something different.

Our aim is to camp 1 location at a time emptying it of clues then move to the Dream-Gate at the end of our turn (as a action) and use the forced text to move us to our next location rather than spending actions moving. Notice that if you use Mr. "Rook" to find the Bad Dream-Gate, the forced text there will also give you a free move (just soak the horror) at the end of the phase (just get the clues up first). Giving you 4 free moves over the game plus any s you happened to draw. You can also save move actions by using events at connecting locations (especially if you Gate Box before last action). Over a game that's a lot of actions saved that can be used for setup or progression, adding a lot of tempo.

Other shenanigan include: using Knowledge is Power (MVP) to trigger spell assets at an adjacent location (fast, possibly from hand and without spending charges), using Storm of Spirits to hit enemies engaged with you, but as if you were at an adjacent location so you hit more things (yes it works), and using Calling in Favors to reload Mr. "Rook" and/or clear doom from David Renfield, while earning 2 quid in the process

Ran out of Astounding Revelations, Storm of Spirits and Knowledge is Powers? Quantum Flux them back in and spam searches again...






A NEW HOPE (Upgrades)

important note: Beyond a couple of scenarios into a campaign this section is minimally tested and quite speculative. Im quite confident that you want the + spells in early to speed up set up time, but beyond im not entirely sure how other parts of this will pan out. Sadly im not sure when ill have the time to test things and as more cards come out the window to publish and be "in date" was shortening so i thought i`d just get it out there.



I generally do the rites + 1 shriv after sc1, then i plan to trickle feed up the others. If i have no decent targets for Arcane Research on the last sc then so be it. I`ll have had the value by then and the deck has plenty of horror soak and boosts.





If anyone tries this id love to hear how it went in the comments. Both of these are late game cards so 1x is fine. Tutor them out.

Im not sure what id swap out for dayana, possibly Eureka!/1x Camera (always keep 1 copy), or 1x David Renfield. Note that you can add secrets to her via Astounding Revelation. Spamming 3 cost Storm of Spirits will be a cash sink so plan wisely

Solid Targets: DttF, Storm, Knowledge is Power (wont be fast but still targets adjacent locations). If you plan to bring this, perhaps take Moonlight Ritual in place of Flux at campaign start since you want your discard to stay in place. Can upgrade Moonlight Ritual to Sacrifice later on.



Keep these:

Mulligan anything else to find Rook or a Renfield/CiF combo. Importantly if you did find your Rook or Renfield/CiF combo, you want to be careful what you mulligan as there is a risk you draw Astounding Revelation or allies you want available to search into with CiF.

Never Keep These:

Consider putting David Renfields back too unless the doom threshold suggests you can get some serious cash in. Rook is better than Renfield early game in general, so unless you have Charisma, hes usually better in the deck at the start.



The inbuilt cost curve in ArkhamDB is a bit missleading. This is a fairer reflection:


  • <0: 111111
  • =0: 1111111
  • =1: 11111
  • =2: 11111
  • =3: 111111
  • 4+: 1

PIP FODDER (included in 0s): 111

At the core of the deck is a research mechanic driven draw and cash engine.Mr. "Rook" and Calling in Favors find Revelationss which we mainly use for the money. Rook plays a similar role to Arcane Initiate in other mystic decks but a deeper search and a cash burst to play them

  • Rigging Up Priorities: Usually you are looking for 1 clue tool (Rite of Seeking > Sixth Sense), then start grabbing + assets. Once your set up, start grabbing support tools and power events as needed (e.g. Knowledge is Power/Storm of Spirits/Drawn to the Flame).

  • Dont underestimate the deck thinning of Astounding Revelation The fact it self discards means that if you are confident of hitting them as we are here, they act like a 3 deck size reduction - or 10% which is pretty sizable.

  • Try not to use Mr. "Rook" to find allies Its usually better to leave them for Favors since you are using it to reset secrets or doom anyway. Ofc there are exceptions like if your on the last secret of rook and you dont have any Favors.

  • 2 pennies and a card of your choice as a fast action? i`ll take two! Use rook, then play Favors to return him to hand and hopefully hit the other copy of Rook (and/or another Revelation). He enters play unexhausted - use him again! If you hit Renfield instead then get the cash in use it to play the rook you just put in hand. Found your allies the other way around? use Calling in Favors to clear the doom from Renfield instead.

  • Once you're set up, Quantum Flux back all the one shot power moves Be aware this resets your weaknesses (another free move from Detached from Reality anyone?) but if youre basic weakness is on the rough side, you may want to just xp over the flux. Otherwise the option to flux back power events (Knowledge is Power Favors, DttF or Storm) and dig them back up with Mr. "Rook" is Huge.


USE THE FORCEd text (Movement & Location Camping)

An action saved is an action earned and Luke has a lot of ways of saving on move actions. Over the course of the game this all adds up:

  • Use the forced text on Dream-Gate as a free move Let other players scout. Move to the gate box (as a fast action) at the end of your turn once youve emptied a location of clues. You can then let the game bump you to the next location as needed.

  • Cleared a location before running out of actions? Use an event. With the option to snipe a location remotely, you can save the need to move. You have 4 double clue event tools in the deck: Drawn to the Flame & Knowledge is Power (You can use this on Rite of Seeking - See clues section), on 2p these can be enough to empty a second location without using an action to move to it.

  • Mr. "Rook" can dig up Detached from Reality by choice. While its still in the deck, you can chose to fire him after you are finished with your current location. Just let its forced text fire, soak the horror on rook and a little on yourself/Holy Rosary, and youve got another free move. Didnt hit the weakness? just fire the gate manually. If you end up in there with spare actions, you can put assets into play, take cash or use Sixth Sense or Rite to leave without the horror (see clues section)

  • All our economy cards are action sparing Uncage and Favors take 1 action to play and give you the equivalent of the action you would have spend putting the asset into play. Revelations and Renfield can be triggered off action. Ok this is not a point about movement, but this adds to the general tempo advantage of the deck from our movement savings. All these saved actions let you do things, and all the spells add action compression. This makes for the deck play faster than the average kessle run.


INT'S A TRAP (Clues)

With seeker access, its tempting to add lots of boosts for cluing, but we can get to 6 with Rite (2) or Sixth Sense (4) from a single card where may need a 2 or 3 card combo. Despite the Hawk-Eye Folding Cameras, its not worth the effort in this build. The cameras are there for the in the (unused) hand slot, and you need to have cleared 2 locations to get that in anyway. This is why we use Holy Rosary not St. Hubert's Key. Still it occasionally helps on parleys and things. In the mean time we will be taking a mystics approach to cluing:

  • Stack high and use spells: between cameras, rosaries, tarots and renfield, we can have up to 8 base plus 2 from upgrades within the spells. Obviously youre not going to hit 10 early, but getting to base of 7 is just 1 upgraded Rite and 1 will boosting asset, and at 4 above test on a 3 shroud, that should be fine for hard mode. Notice that both clue spells count as "investigating" for Bad Dream-Gate and easier than an test if you need to leave without the horror (see Location camping).

  • Rite of Seeking is better here than Sixth Sense...usually. As usual use it last action but. even if you use it second action and lose the turn its still 2 clues for 2 actions and par with Sixth Sense without ways to fish out tokens for the upgraded version. You can get up to 20 clues between Rites, Drawn to the Flame and Knowledge is Power. Sixth Sense is mainly back up here. Though you can use Sixth Sense for early actions and Rite on late ones if you put both out.

  • KIP is VIP - Another reason you want a 2 or 3 clue per action spell It doesnt use a charge. Its an event so you can use it as if you were at a connecting location (ie use Rite on another location). And its fast, so its a bonus action. Notice that you can use Rite last action, see if your turn ends and if not, play Knowledge is Power for anther 2 clues. Note also that you can do this from Dream-Gate to investigate any location (fast) a bit like you can with Drawn to the Flame. This is why we flux it back and rook it out again!

  • A few Drawn to the Flame Tricks - It saves movement see Location camping. It can kickstart your Camerass. You have plenty of encounter protection (see below), but if you happen to draw into an enemy you cant deal with, just pop into the Gate Box and deal with it later.



If anyone has a good short pun for this let me know. I lack Starwars quotes-foo. Most of this is obvious:

  • Shrivelling is our main one on one combat button: Just like our Rite of Seekings we can get to effective 7 easilly with Upgraded Shrivelling. This should be enough for simple enemies. Your not a killer, but you can handle your own. Soak any horror on Allies & Holy Rosary. You have plenty.

  • Storm of Spirits can hit 2 locations at once... Sort of... So the text says you damage enemies at your location. But because things in your threat area are also at your location, you hit them as well. Ive never done this, but im reliably informed it works. Just make sure you do force lightening hands as you do it.

  • KIP is VIP again.... Yep. Just like in the clues section, you can use Knowledge is Power at another location but this time youre firing your Shrivellings. Note that with Knowledge is Power in hand you dont need a Shrivelling in play to be able to fight. Which can save a little tempo by not needing to spend the cash early. Its also fast so you can get 4 attack actions in in one turn if needed.

  • Into the Gate Box Shoot Flyboy. Still stuck? Just pop into the garbage shoo...i mean gate box to hide. Even more reason to keep shriv back until you have spare actions and cash to play it.


DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO SCRY (Encounter Protection)

Yes ok i realise the name is missleading....Technically Luke is also known for his dreaming rather than waking too but the pun was too satisfying. Anyway our encounter protection is more Reactive than proactive here:

  • You have a lot of boosts: 2x Camera, Holy Rosary, Renfield, and Four of Cups with xp. Passing will power tests (which are common on encounter cards) should be easy after about mid game. Until then you may take some hits.

  • I dont sense much Fearless in you: Its ok you have a load of soak: With 2 trauma from Arcane Research those first encounter card blows can look like youre too soft, but this problem will go away as you add , loads of soak (RosaryRookRenfield and + 1 san from late game Cameras.

  • You also have a few panic buttons if needed The horror from Ward can be soaked on Mr. "Rook", and dont forget the pips on Uncage the Soul.

  • All your allies have 2 Hp This is going to matter for checks which typically cause damage.

  • Quite a lot of your assets are transient Most of your assets use charges/secrets, or you want them to die eventually anyway. So its often ok to risk asset hate taking them out of play. At a push you can Quantum Flux and Mr. "Rook" them back, though this isnt ideal.


Remember to pair with Mateo where possible
*As always thanks for reading! Let me know how it went if you try it out!*

Nov 13, 2019 matt88 · 1385

There's one thing I haven't quite understood. Do you use Gate Box liberally or do you save it for specific circumstances? Do you care about the enemy protection it offers or do you just use it when you want to move? One thing I like about Luke is that through Gate Box he has innate enemy protection and you seem like you don't care about that part as much (but it's your choice, I see that).

Also, what do you think about Enraptured instead of Eureka!? One more free move with Gate Box or 2 (or 3) more clues with Rite of Seeking.

Nov 13, 2019 StartWithTheName · 20013

Cheers @matt88

I tend to kill the enemies in this build so i use the box mainly for movement, but i do tend to keep 1 charge back for panic moments. By the time youve used the weakness and 2 charges youve often had 1 to recharge a little. Still either are fine choices.

I have at least tried Enraptured and i found i couldnt land it. This was in a build with St. Hubert's Key too. But i found the on Hawk-Eye Folding Camera came in too late to be useful. Might be fine on standard however. Still the Eureka and flux slots are flexible if you wanted to try it out. At very least if you wanted it for the charges on gate box it could upgrade to Seal of the Elder Sign. One guarenteed rite of seeking without the turn ending too which is nice.

Nov 13, 2019 matt88 · 1385

@StartWithTheName Oh, I'm dump! I forgot Enraptured has an Intellect icon so it doesn't quite fit in the build...

Nov 14, 2019 mattastrophic · 1278

"But I was going to go to General's to pick up some silver emulsions!" "You can waste time with your friends when your clues are done."

Nov 14, 2019 The King in Yellow · 114

What do you think of upgrading something with Eidetic Memory? Seems good on the paper, because it recycles cards like KIP, Dttf and Quantum Flux.

Nov 15, 2019 StartWithTheName · 20013

yeah @matt88, it always feels like it should have a single will pip too, but i guess its possibly meant as a bonus for seekers looking to use mystic splash like daisy or some mandy builds.

@The King in Yellow Sadly he cant take Eidetic Memory, its seeker lvl 3.

Nov 15, 2019 The King in Yellow · 114

One more thing. (Do you now the serie)
What do you think about the interaction with Hawk-Eye Folding Camera and his ability, with what about Working a Hunch. The Eye says it reacts with the discovery of the last clue on YOUR location.
I now you are not such a "rule guru", but we had a little discussion on this topic in

Nov 17, 2019 StartWithTheName · 20013

@The King in Yellow

There is a joke in my local group that Luke will soon have his own page in the FAQ. I would read it as being fine, but the truth is i have no idea. My source of rules clarifications tends to be the folk on Mythos Busters Discord.

I suppose in this deck it would rarely matter since we are primarilly interested in the first bonus from the camera (), which in most circumastances has come from my actual own location due to the location camping thing. If someone was running a more driven deck I would likely matter much more as it takes time to get 2 resources on there.

Nov 18, 2019 edrof55 · 14

@The King in YellowPretty sure it triggers the reaction on the camera. The Event is played as though you were at that connecting location, thus it's considered your location.

Nov 21, 2019 StartWithTheName · 20013

also @The King in Yellow - Missed your reference. The late great Columbo himslef ofc. Falk was such a great actor.

Nov 26, 2019 Difrakt · 689

Have you had the issue of drawing astounding revelations before seeing rook or renfield+CiF? It seems a bit risky when you can easily end up with your tutor options buried and 10% of your deck otherwise being a dead draw

Nov 26, 2019 StartWithTheName · 20013

That was someting i was worrid might be an issue at first @Difrakt, and in part that is the reason for the cautious mulligan.

If you hard muligan for Rook alone, you have about a 50% chance of seeing him. Ive not done the maths to incorporate the Renfield/CiF alternative, but this should only add to the odds. This means that in practice you occasionally get 1 revelation early, but rarely more than that. The biggest risk is that you see no Allies then Mulligan into several Revelations.

Thankfully even if you do get them the Quantum Flux lets you reset. Just Rook it out when you see it. Rook and particularly being able to reload Rook with CiF gives you so much draw you have plenty to compensate for any occasional accidental revelation that makes it into hand once youve found him. The other massive benefit of Revs being 10% of the deck, is the deck thinning it adds when you do Rook/CiF/Eureka them out. This makes rook even more effective for finding the right cards on subsequent searches since the deck shrinks.

Nov 28, 2019 Blind Dragon · 13

So a few comments. I think you are missing the most potent interaction Luke can have namely going into your gate box during the upkeep or enemy phase. This allows you to discard enemies you draw in the mythos phase and mostly ignore any treachery that attaches to your location. To make this effective the most important card you need is Pathfinder as it allows you to move to any revealed location without an action after you start your turn in Dream-Gate.

Scrying is also very powerful card for Luke as you can give yourself enemies and then disappear into your Dream-Gate when it's time to draw them.

That's the main thing you are missing but a few other options for your consideration:

Sixth Sense is probably better than Rite of Seeking in Luke if you take advantage of the high mobility you have from Dream-Gate and Patfhinder it's easy to reveal a pile of locations without significant action cost and in higher player count I think being able to play one spell to investigate for the entire game for 1.3 clues an action is more valuable than the burst of Rite of Seeking. Though that being said I still say keep both as you need consistency of drawing one and Rite is better with Knowledge is Power so I just advocate for swapping the 2/1 split. Also this encourages playing Olive McBride as an ally which helps you crit fish to keep your Gate Box charged.

Deny Existence it's boring generic goodstuff but you have 5 health.

Seal of the Elder Sign I think is a medium priority upgrade for Luke as it's an actionless way to keep Gate Box Charged that also helps progress game state. I considered recharge for the same effect but I think actionless, reliable and otherwise useful wins out and should give you enough charges to make it through a game anyway,

Crack the Case is easier to use econ than some of what you have it's actionless and can be used with Luke's ability.

Eldritch Inspiration not a card I'm a fan of myself but if you want to lean more into Rite and care enough to get Counterspell it's worth considering at level 0.

Shortcut is great movement for level 0 and even has a cheesy little trick where you can play it as if you were at an unrevealed location to leapfrog over that location without revealing it.

Nov 28, 2019 Blind Dragon · 13

@The King in YellowThat doesn't work as if is meant to be interpreted as narrowly as possible. So reactions to at your location things don't work with any current effects that as if you to a location.

Nov 28, 2019 StartWithTheName · 20013

Hi @Blind Dragon, thanks for your thoughts.

I actually completely agree with pretty much all your points, though i think they probably fit into a slightly different playstyle. There was a great deck a few weeks back that i saw while i was testing this one by @monorico List and guide here for anyone who is interested that uses many of the combos you talk about and looks like a ton of fun.

I did infact run several of the cards you describe at different points in refining and if id played into that aspect of the deck more I can imagine it turning out closer to Monoricos. I love playing fast and aggressively and I guess this deck was born out of a love of fast abilities, free actions and the potential to have a high consistency mystic at last. For years i shyed away from mystic for being a bit too binary. They either find the right tool early and excel, or theyre can be slow to get rolling. Rook basically overcomes this and the combo with his weakness and revs/CiF/Renfield was just a lot of fun. Though hypothetically theres no reason you couldnt import that in part into sort of hybrid deck.

To give a few of my own experiences and thoughts with the things you raise:

Pathfinder and Shortcut dropped out the deck (to my surprise) as i didnt need to move often with the location camping strategy. Pathfinder competes to heavilly for early cash so i was playing it too late in the game. And I usually was fine using a simple move action with Rite of Seeking doing 2 clues a pop. The thing is this woudlnt be the case in monoricos deck where you are more mobile.

re Sixth Sense vs Rite of Seeking. I can see the 2:1 split going either way depending on playstyle and team composition. Ofc because were tutoring aggressively with rook, its easy to grab a 1x with revs thinning the deck out. So if you want to play into Sixth sense you can. You can also have both in play and use rite last action and sixthsense on any preceding action if you want. The price being that you then dont have a free arcane slot for Shrivelling, so you have to rely on Storm of Spirits or firing shriv from hand with Knowledge is Power. I used Sign Magick for a bit but i found i rarely wanted it over another Camera will boost. I eventually settled on 2 rite for my own uses as it saved me importing extra supports like Oliveve/Dark Proph. Rite also has a lot of benefit 2p where most locations are 1i. While ive given it limited testing, at 3p, Rite (4) should be outstanding, and at 4p, well things get mathsy i guess. The definate bonus clue when using Knowledge is Power was the clincher for me. Its the control over when the extra clue occurs that I like I think.

re Deny Existence i just couldnt find space and i found with recurring soaks and Ward of Protection i was fine. Same thing with Eldritch Inspiration. Its better than it looks as it lets you play more aggressively. But losing an action here and there was fine with so many "bonus" actions gained from fast cards/Gate Box Moves. Ive not tried Seal of the Elder Sign, its the xp priority there that gets in the way for me relative to + spells. If the gate charges were that big we could bring Enraptured & St. Hubert's Key instead at level 0, though the auto pass part is always a massive appeal for me.

Crack the Case is an interesting one. I ran 2x as just "good stuff" for ages. The option to play it on another location when a comrade clears somewhere was fun, but I found the deck was cash heavy later game (Renfield) but cash hungry early game. Those allies and spells arnt cheap and you need the cash to put them in play BEFORE you get the clues. So it was just sitting in hand until the need for it had passed unless another player did the clueing.

Scrying lost out to arcane slots for me. I love shenanigans in general, but i also like flexibility, and i was happy just killing enemies the old fashioned way (especially when they have vp). It also competes for xp. but as i say above ive not taken this deck into high xp enough times to comment there. An option could be to bring in a late Book of Shadows or Sign Magick and grab Scrying too. The biggest problem here for me is that it undermines the "do or do not there is no scry" pun, which if im honest is a deal breaker here. Im already distort about not getting a Lightsaber in there!

Dec 24, 2019 Yury1975 · 1

Sorry for the dumb question, but could someone explain for me the "using Storm of Spirits to hit enemies engaged with you, but as if you were at an adjacent location so you hit more things (yes it works)"?

If you are in location A and are engaged with enemies, then you may play Storm of Spirits as if you are on connecting location B, but I assume that since there are no enemies in location B the spell will do nothing. Where am I wrong?

Dec 28, 2019 StartWithTheName · 20013

Hi @Yury1975

You can play Storm of Spirits to target an enemy you are engaged with with the fight action, but as if you were at another location do the “splash” damage aspect hits the alternative location sort of hitting one more target than you would have if it ignored your engaged targets.

I’ve also heard ppl say that because all enemies engaged with you are considered to be at your location, storm could technically hit several targets engaged with you rather than just one that’s been targeted. While I lack the rules foo to dispute the latter of these I personally don’t play with it as it feels like it’s unintentional if true. It’s probably possible to make the same “glitching” argument about the single extra target use being unintentional too. Tho it’s a much less impactful interaction, and costs you the option about which enemy to attack at least so feels to me like it’s more balanced.

With Luke badly needing a FAQ just now it’s not possible for me to be sure, but I’ve been asking a lot if the usual gurus on the mythos busters discord and there was little discussion about it when I did. They seemed satisfied that there was little Uncertainty and when playing the deck this option doesn’t come up that often in practice at least.

Dec 28, 2019 Yury1975 · 1

@StartWithTheName, so you mean that I may play SoS to attack enemy engaged with me (in location A), but apply all splash damage to enemies in another location (location B), correct?

I assume that in this case all damage “go” to another location and no damage is applied to my fight target (enemy engaged with Luke), besides any additional damage.

Dec 30, 2019 StartWithTheName · 20013

Hi @Yury1975

Essentially its because targets engaged with you are at your location. I personally have a feeling this will be FAQ`d to be less potent and im playing a less potent variant where it only effects 1 target. But my understanding is that SoS will hit all enemies at your chosen location, which will then include the ones engaged with you who were at the previous location. As i say this feels a little like glitching it to me so im not entirely comfortable using it until its been verified by FFG in some way.

Jan 02, 2020 KJGriffin11 · 1

I'm gunnu be running Luke Robinson in my groups Dream Eaters campaign and I'm surprised you're not using more events that can be used at a distance. One event I've really got my eye on is Open Gate. Theres a lot of use there to help improve movement across the board

Jan 03, 2020 StartWithTheName · 20013

Hi @KJGriffin11

Incase it helps clarify, there are 6 ranged events in the deck:

Thats 20% of the 30 card deck, ok technically its slightly lower due to weaknesses but since were rooking these and the Astounding Revelations out early, we will be thin the deck quite aggressively which actually improves the effective %age. They also go a lot further than it looks when you can Rook them out on demand, and indeed Flux them back in later on to rook them out again and reuse.

But there is always room to tweak decks to bring in personal preferences ofc. If you are looking for space, Eureka! and to some degree Quantum Flux are the flex slots. Other options to free up space would be swapping out a Camera or Holy Rosary after youve added a few spells with built in + bonuses, or after youve swapped a Holy Rosary for a Four of Cups - since you can then have both in play (ie you can still get up to +3 or 4 passive bonus from assets) if you want to do it earlier. If you want to do it with a lvl0 card you could just risk the first sc with one less camera or rosary with the intention of grabbing Four of Cups early since its just 1xp. Another option if you are in a group with either a dedicted cluer or killer, is that you could trade out some of the combat/clue tools for something more to youre tastes since the party as a whole may have ways to compensate.

Hope that helps!