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Monetary Jack in the Mountains of Madness 2 1 2 1.0
Monetary Jack in the Mountains of Madness 0 0 0 1.0
Monetary Jack: frozen cheese (EotE Iron Man 0 0 0 1.0
Monetary Jack: frozen cheese (EotE Iron Man 0 0 0 1.0
Monterey Jack: my definitive solo deck 9 7 1 1.0

StartWithTheName · 44900


Wait, what links Jack to Spinal Tap puns? - STONEHENGE!


... (I also had some 70s/80s rock band puns left over when i did the Sister Mary parody song (here), and i figured everyone else would be doing the cheeses).... Annnyywaaayy....

This is a deck ive been working on for some time in a few different iterations and a few different IDs. A Daisy variant has cleared a blind run of return to the circle undone so I am very confident the main combo (Ariadne's Twine, Eon Chart (4), Milan/"lots of money") it is effective and fun. Versions of it in Jack as shown here have cleared a few standalones, a little (2h) solo testing with a Bob deck using a similar method, and I have just started an Innsmouth run with friends where I can confirm it worked even before it has the twine and chart in the deck.

I expect a lot of jack decks will have a similar core, and im not claiming to have innovated that much here, but much like my recent Lilly Deck (link here), I thought a guide might help people looking for ideas for their own decks, or just want to net deck something fun. It is shown here with 10xp (3 are from In the Thick of It) to show how the main synergies of the deck will be available from about sc 2 onwards if not earlier (relic hunter could wait).

As I publish this, i notice @valentin1331 has also made what looks like a another fantastic guide (here) for anyone looking for even more ideas.

For a campaign legal starter, drop Relic Hunter, and swap Ariadne's Twine and Eon Chart for Money Talks (will check coverage) and "Watch this!", or tbh other cards of your choice. For a 9xp standalone, Keep Money Talks instead of Forewarned. Notice that the 3xp from In the Thick of It is spent on Death • XIII, Hiking Boots and Forewarned. Not on the combo. death in particular is critical to get 3 stackable buffs in the deck early for consistency, and with low will forewarned does a lot of work on encounter checks.






  • CLUEING: ....................... Very High
  • ENEMY HANDLING: ...... Evader, options for to add damage if req.
  • ENCOUNTER PROT: ...... Moderate
  • DRAW CONSISTENCY: .. Very High
  • CASH ENGINE: ............... Very High
  • HEALING: ....................... Low but some.


  • ROLE: ............................. Primary Cluer/Scout,
  • COMPLEXITY: ................ Moderate
  • JANK FACTOR: ............... Some Nuance, but intuitive.
  • THEMATIC FEEL: ........... A cunning, hyperactive, elusive clue sniper.


A fast paced, high draw, high cash, evader cluer Jack focussed around stacking and high then spamming out free investigate and move actions to zip around the board sniping clues and benefitting from his free card and/or penny a turn.

The core of the deck generates 2 move/investigate/evade actions a turn from Eon Chart (4), generating a penny with Milan when investigating and/or Jacks after a move) to pay for a replacement secret with Ariadne's Twine (I know what youre thinking, yes Ursula should be able to do this too).

Super high draw gets through the super thin deck from Underworld Support to find components fast (you can get 3 cards a turn from upkeep, Lucky Cigs, and Jacks ). Crucially there are multiple stackable cards for key early game buffs like +, with other components arriving in due course as the deck will cycle several times a game (heal back with Logical Reasoning, and pray you dont get Doomed as a basic weakness, or Spoiler if playing dunwich).

This arrangement lets you get away with single copies of high xp keystone cards meaning you can consistently get the engine going with just 7 non Thick of It xp (10 if you want Relic Hunter to have cigs in play too), or basically about 1 map.

The rest of the deck focusses on leveraging positional play, rogue tricks, and defences. Pocket Scope can be used to clear adjacent locations to trigger Hiking Boots for a move, and/or move to trigger Fieldwork, then use The Scope to investigate the location you just left. Note that Scope is a Tool so tests using it can be boosted with Crafty, which can also pay for Insight (thats a lot of seeker events) and Tricks (a lot of rogue events). (ahem. Ursula again anyone?)

Encounter defence comes from high , Money Talks for checks, "You handle this one!", and Forewarned - which can drop a clue for you to pick up, trigger Milan, and move via Hiking Boots.







  • Studious Being able to dig 12 deep from a 25 card deck is a big deal. Thats almost half of the deck to let us see those buffs reliably. Note that a 30 card deck needs 2 copies to see 14 cards with a hard mulligan (also almost half). This is how Underworld Support saves xp. It often halves the xp you would need to spend to see something early. Note also that like relic hunter you cant have 2 copies here either with due to Underworld Support. Though seeing 14 cards from 25 might be a bit much!

  • Perception Deduction (2) More clues.

  • Magnifying Glass (1) Opens up a lvl0 slot, and has the option to return to hand to play Trusty Bullwhip when needed (your deck will cycle, you will see it again after you put the Magnifying Glass back down.

  • Ancestral Knowledge, Note you can get "Watch this!" and Perception back again plus other skills of your choice, Unexpected Courage and Cunning are also good targets. or if you have relieved some lvl0 seeker slots, so are Inquiring Mind/Deduction (if not on level 2 version) yet). With xp other options open up: Fey (its 3 pips even without curses in the bag), The Eye of Truth Survey the Area and Perception (2) all look good. Importantly, while these will be in your deck for the second cycle, you should have seen enough of the main set up on first cycle, so thickening the deck is fine and with that much asset draw, skills become more valuable.

  • Logical Reasoning(4) Its a lot of xp for what it is, so think about it late campaign. But trust me, you will be playing Logical Reasoning a lot. Being able to hard reset the whole team is often handy. it also frees up a lvl0 seeker slot for skill card options with Ancestral Knowledge

  • Faustian Bargain Crafty You have a lot of tricks and insight cards. you will get 2 pennies of value most turns here. It can also be used to boost tests when using Pocket Telescope as this is a tool

  • Call for Backup You will almost always have 1 (clue) and you will always have (move) due to your ID and Underworld Support. With Crafty you will also heal 1 hp from helping compensate for the 2 hp trauma from In the Thick of It. Having moved you will then also be able to trigger your later on.

  • Cryptic Research Untested, but should be really useful in cycling the deck

  • Gené Beauregard & Charisma/Miskatonic Archaeology Funding. She should have massive synergy with the Pocket Telescope/Fieldwork/Hiking Boots combos. I have yet to personally test it, but a friend who did (shout out to @Turbinismo) swears by her.

  • Higher Education (permanent) You will be rich and you can keep your hand stocked easily. Now you can pay to pass checks.

  • Fieldwork Hyperawareness Also untested, but you are almost always using Fieldwork on or tests anyway. Now you can do it without moving, you can split the boost over 2 actions and if needed pay real money into it. You could also keep Fieldwork in if you want both though i am not sure what else i would cut.

  • Deciphered Reality Rarely not a strong option in seeker. But if you are leaving odd clues here and there, or moving them around with Gené Beauregard, while running around revealing the map aggressively, why not hoover them all up in one go later!




START ME UP! (Mulligan)


Muligan the rest in the hope of finding these, yes even the Ariadne's Twine/Eon Chart combo. We thinned the deck to make the buffs (most of which take lvl0 slots) appear early, once those are in place, those extra actions will land reliably and there is enough draw here to see the combo pieces quickly after that.




RUN TO THE HILLS! (Clues & Positional Play)

At the core of the deck we are trying to stack high then take a lot of basic investigate actions via Eon Chart, though other clue options are available.

  • PRIORITISE See mulligan section, but this is critical as you will be using this a lot. You can use Perception/Eureka!/other skills, or things like Fieldwork/Hyperawareness/Breaking and Entering to tide you over, but you are aiming to not be reliant on these. Once is high enough you will keep triggering Lucky Cigarette Cases whenever you draw a low token on medium or low shrouds.

  • GET CASH IN HARD Between Lone Wolf, Milan, Upkeep and Jacks , you can generate 4 pennies a turn. We also have burst economy from Faustian Bargain/Sneak By/"Watch this!" if needed. Or Crafty can save a tone of cash over the long term. you will need this to set up, and for encounter protection, but you want at least 1 bonus penny a turn to pay for Ariadne's Twine longer term.

  • Investigate with the Chart, Get Milan penny, buy a secret with Twine, repeat. Now you have 5 actions a turn. You can also use a move from the chart to end at a connecting location to get Jacks penny instead of or as well as milan. Note that these actions can be used to trigger investigate, move, or evade actions on other cards like Pilfer, Pocket Telescope, Sneak By, Scout Ahead. Basically any time you see the words "Investigate.", "Move." or "Evade." in bold at the start of an action.

  • Save up for Multiclue actions Pilfer costs a lot, but can often clear out a location for 1 action. Bonus pips are all over the place to land it with doubles on Manual Dexterity, Sneak By, Scout Ahead. You can also pay to boost skill on it with Crafty to force it to land ( permitting). With xp you will also be cycling Deduction (2) with each deck flip.

  • RUNNING FREE! Those extra cards and pennies add up. However if you are just moving to get the penny/card, remember you could just take an action to get them. This means you really want to be using bonus triggers to get free or big moves. Some tricks!: Hiking Boots can be triggered off clearing an adjacent location with Pocket Telescope. Moving lets you trigger Fieldwork, which lets you use the Pocket Telescope on the location you just left if you need the boost. you will then get a card/penny to compensate you for the action used to move recovering the value. If you Scout Ahead can let you run past a clue to trigger Fieldwork, then run back if the location you moved to didnt have one.




BACK STABBETH! (Enemy Handling)

No Surprised here really. Your no killer but you can evade like the best of them.

  • High + Eon Chart = Cheap evades With Hiking Boots thats a base of 6. There are so many pips to throw if needed that you shouldnt struggle with basic action evades and you get those for free with Eon Chart. Throw in Nimbles or Quick Thinkings to get bonus moves/actions. If youre on Hyperawareness (4) thats another +2 available if needed.

  • Trusty Bullwhip Does what it says on the tin but looks cool doing it. Basically use the same trick as above to boost. Kill small stuff or evade big stuff if needed. Your no hard hitter but you can get out of scrapes. save Backstab for important kills.

  • Breaking and Entering Can evade This will overshoot almost any bag when you are at 6 and 6, and get a clue in the process.. And a penny back from Milan...

  • Sneak By is a trick you can boost the test with Crafty Letting you bank the 2 pennies from the card itself.




FEAR OF THE DARK! (Encounter Checks)

Where theres no will theres a way.

  • Money Talks Early campaign before you swap it for combo pieces, sitting at 10+ resources is common. This is fine. Keep it high and use Money Talks on wil checks. Later on Higher Education will let you basically pay 2 or 3 to go to 5 or 7 respectively. But then you`ll be wanting to keep your hand full more than your cash. Thankfully jacks ability gives you the choice.

  • Forewarned Ward of Protection in yellow with no horror or cost. Dropping a clue will cost you time to recover, but you have many bonus investigate actions to play with. Notice that dropping the clue on an empty location lets you pick it up again to trigger Hiking Boots. Or you can leave it for later and pick it up via a Pocket Telescope/Deciphered Reality.

  • "You handle this one!" Yeah. You know how to use this. Just dont let the scowling dissuade you.

  • Ancestral Knowledge Adds a lot of Pip access See upgrades section, but a lot of those cards are big skill cards, and many of these start accessable as a little sideboard. The Eye of Truth in particular is a well known powerhouse and even removes a nasty will check from the encounter deck itself if needed. Note that a lot of late campaign scenarios have big hard hitting one off encounter cards which make good targets for this.

  • Or just tank the harm and heal back/Soak You have Logical Reasoning and a Leather Jacket for a reason. Though some of that reason is to heal the horror from deck cycling so be careful.




WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE SNAKES? (Custom Parody Scenario!)

Forgive the self indulgence but by chance alone I recently had this posted on Arkham Central:


(Also available at this google drive)

This is an endless parody variant of Essex County Express (ECE) using TFA encounter sets that I made before the pandemic (i took a long time to send it to arkham central!). It is intended as a similar experience to Endless Depths of Yoth Challenges sometimes held at conventions, but a lot sillier. It requires one copy of ECE, one core, and the TFA deluxe box to play, but all the custom cards are safe to print on paper for ease of use. It contains minor spoilers and jokes relating to the experience of playing ECE and The Doom of Eztli, so you should really have played them first. Nevertheless for reasons I wont spoil, Jack looks like a particularly interesting challenge for this with his ability having some interesting interactions with the mechanics.


Sep 27, 2021 mattastrophic · 2210

Nice one!

Have you kicked around another nice Exceptional card, Geas, useful for providing another intellect boost? This deck might be able to get away with promising to not commit cards during Monty's turns.

Sep 27, 2021 mattastrophic · 2210

Aaaaaaand I just realised my mistake there.

Sep 27, 2021 StartWithTheName · 44900

Thats the Bob deck @mattastrophic ;) hoping to give it another test on Wed now that it looks ready. Then the hard bit will be finding time to write it up.

Sep 27, 2021 chirubime · 8709

Love love love snakes on a train.

I do also really like the twine and eons chart interaction. I can't wait to try amanda sharpe with eons chart giving her 5 uses of vicious blow or deduction

Sep 28, 2021 sexykiss · 1

I don't get the reference, but I'm excited to try the deck. I kinda don't super see what to put his economy engine into. Half of the time if feels like I'm working towards turning on his ability, and then I'm like... "now what is my objective?" just to have more resources and draw... but all the cards in my deck are just helping me draw more and gain resources and there's nothing to spend the resources on outside of like Hyperawareness. If only he had some kind of econ sink like Lola Santiago, that would be great.

I guess he feels much less special in reality because he is just a very specific sort of double upkeep sorta investigator which cards that enable his double upkeep, but don't play off his double upkeep... I hope you get what i mean.

Sep 28, 2021 StartWithTheName · 44900

Hi @sexykiss, the need for the cash is to be sure you can buy a secret on Ariadne's Twine each turn to spend on Eon Chart. This then generates a new resource either via Dr. Milan Christopher if used to investigate. or jack`s if you used it to move.

Any excess is basically spent on backstab and Pilfer, or if youve got the xp, Higher Education/Hyperawareness. The burst cash (Faustian Bargain/Sneak By) is needed to allow you to get set up fast (Dr. Milan Christopher, Death • XIII and a handful of 2 cost assets add up), but can be spent on big ticket events later (Backstab, Pilfer and Logical Reasoning in particular). Sneak By is also a double pip later on, or indeed Faustian Bargain can be used on other players if needed. Crafty is particularly nice as it can be used to boost skill as well as pay for cards if they have the right trait (tool/trick/insight), this includes the evade on Sneak By. So you can even play sneak by to evade then boost it with crafty rather than committing it for the +2 if you did not plan to use crafty later. First map, the deck also uses Money Talks on will checks until it has Ariadne's Twine.

Of course, once you have enough cash, you can take the draw from your instead to find something to spend it on. Getting 2 locations away isnt reliable but 1 is easy enough usually (I have no idea how this will pan out in Edge of the Earth which Maxine has hinted at as being movement heavy, maybe it will be more common). Either way the 3 reliably draw a turn is a big deal when trying to flip the thinner deck and recur events/skills.

Hope that helps clarify.

Sep 28, 2021 StartWithTheName · 44900

Cheers @chirubime! Snakes on a train did actually get a live debute back at Farkham Con (Youtube link here) in case anyone is interested.

Yeah the combo works with a lot of IDs. Ariadne's Twine in general looks underplayed just now. The combo originally had my attention using Ariadne's Twine and Cryptographic Cipher (and Old Book of Lore(2) among a few other toys). its just that Eon Chart was teased while i was testing my daisy deck so i naturally upgraded into that. It even solved my handslot problem I was having with all Daisy`s tomes. I hope to find time to publish that write up sometime but ive been distracted by the new toys! #notevenfirstworldproblems.

In related news: Otherworld Codex MVP in RTCU with twine daisy for reasons that are probably obvious and a few that are less so - It can remove various forms of cultists/enemies with 3 copies in a deck from play quite reliably.

Sep 29, 2021 mattastrophic · 2210

@sexykiss That's an important and intelligent observation you've made there! Getting Monty's extra resource and card is much less important than what you are able to do with them. Making that connection is a sign of a smart Arkham player!

This deck seems to be all about using Ariadne's Twine as the resource sink and getting specific pieces in a one-copy-each deck as the point of extra draw. Now why @StartWithTheName conveniently forgot to include the absolutely brilliant Lola-style Scroll of Secrets in the Side Deck is beyond me :P

Sep 29, 2021 StartWithTheName · 44900

Hehe. Don’t think I didn’t have my eye on all the other juicy secrets tech @mattastrophic. The problem I’ve had with it in other decks has been that so much of it are hand slots. This works in daisy due to tote bags but jack has few good ways to get extra hands. There are a handful of exceptions like eon charts and rook. Rook would ofc work but he’s a lot of xp especially with needing charisma and the deck is drawing fast enough he might actually be overkill… plus there are new toys to play with now at least.

Sep 30, 2021 rez960 · 1

Hey there! I noticed the deck is only running 23 cards. Which ones are missing?

Sep 30, 2021 StartWithTheName · 44900

Hi @rez960. I still count 25 + sigs & basic weakness + perms. I wonder if you are using some sort of external software that imports card lists and might need updating. Without talking about fight club, its possible the 2 cards not picked up will be from edge as these are least likely to be in older databases. so probably hiking boots and pocket telescope as a lot of old databases had the lvl4 eon charts for a while after they were teased by FFG. Its also worth checking the perms have loaded up correctly too as they are likely missing as well. PM me on Discord if it would help.

Oct 30, 2021 FlyingSolo · 1

You're a naughty one, Saucy Jack.. you're a haughty one, Saucy Jack!

Oct 30, 2021 vak36 · 1

Played solo Midnight Masks, 5 of 6 The only problem I have, is that I need some idea, how to kill some enemies, backstab is good, but it is only 2 here :D

Oct 30, 2021 StartWithTheName · 44900

LMAO How the hell did i miss that reference! you made my day @FlyingSolo!

Yeah, @vak36, this is very much a multiplayer build, though I dont play a lot of true solo. Certainly there are options to bring in more damage at least. The obvious being: Sneak Attack, "I've got a plan!", Gaze of Ouraxsh. You could also add Backpack (2) to find the Trusty Bullwhip early. and/or drop the Underworld Support and just double up on certain cards like Backstab.

Oct 31, 2021 vak36 · 1

I liked Underworld Support Idea a lot, especially that I get consistently what I want. But I got a lot of problems because of corrosion :D I also like EotE cards, that they gave 1 exp options, sometimes I am not managing a lot of experience for instantly lvl 4 Seeker cards. Bullwhip is not a problem, I usually get a weapon before someone come at me. The only problem I got is with many enemies, or with tough ones. Otherwise, I am running around, doing EXP-farming quite easily.

Nov 01, 2021 Taevus · 473

@StartWithTheName Thanks for the ideas. I know "As if" has been errata'd a few times. I'm guessing it works out so the telescope/boots interaction you called out is kosher? If so that's pretty sweet, and probably some room for more shenanigans with Gené Beauregard.

Nov 26, 2021 skanedog · 60

Just finished EotE with a slightly modified version of this deck and it was absolutley nuts!

Cut some of the resource generating cards for some skill support, but between his ability and Lone Wolf I never missed the money.

Nov 29, 2021 StartWithTheName · 44900

Interesting @skanedog. Ive found i xp over some of the cash too, but I would have done Lone Wolf first as the others have aternative utility ( pips on Sneak By / giving cash to others with Faustian Bargain). Though I have been going through innsmouth with it and there are a number of occasions in that campaign where you cant be certain youll be able to trigger it without the whole team sequencing things so you get the penny.

I also find I want for the cash early game to get the rig down without making compromises, then it stacks up and spams Pilfer each deck flip. Late game i tend to sit on about 3-5 resources that way. Which is a little high, but by that time youve had the value in quick set up. I also have a feeling how much you keep will depend a lot on what you xp into. Our group try not to use Deciphered Reality these days as it can trivialise the game a bit too much for us, but I can imagine someone xping into 2 or 3 big bursty events like those and cycling them through with the cash. You could also go the other way with combat events and be more rounded, few of which in jack are cheap. as a side note - I love how flexible all the new IDs seem to be. they all seem to have similar options.

Jan 04, 2022 guisouzaps3 · 1

Hi @StartWithTheName How does the Side Deck works? Did not get the point of it.

Jan 04, 2022 StartWithTheName · 44900

Hi @guisouzaps3 - I just use it as a list of related cards. Just really showcasing some upgrades that help people see at a glance the rough direction of the deck long term, and a few of the early campaign cards that might be needed before you get the xp in to get to this point. I know other people use it for other reasons. A lot of my thoughts are in the upgrades section and the campaign reset section (Third paragraph in the intro). Im not actually sure what the intended use of the side board is as per the design of arkhamdb, so i could be using it wrong but its useful generally.